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West Valley Police Department Information

The City of West Valley Police Department in West Valley, Utah has a mission to work in tandem with the community in order to protect life and property, solve the problems which the city and its neighborhoods, and enhance the quality of life of the people in West Valley. The West Valley Police adheres to the following tenets in this regard:

  • Protect the life of the citizens of West Valley.
  • Reduce fear of the criminal, and take preventive measures to stop crime.
  • Remain accountable to the public and have thorough responsibility for their actions.
  • Bring all offenders to justice.

West Valley Police Department Community Programs

The West Valley Police Department has the following community programs for its citizens:

  • Raids Online: This is an initiative of the West Valley Police to bridge the gap between the officers and the average citizen. Through this program, people can easily find out crimes have been happening in the neighborhood that they live in, and what the police has done in order to curb the crime rate and arrest the offenders. This program is in sync with the policy of the West Valley Police to remain accountable to the public, and have complete transparency and honesty in their work.
  • Neighborhood Watch: The Neighborhood Watch is probably the most popular police program in the United States of America. When neighbors group together to fight crime, it not only brings down the crime rates in the county but also fosters a sense of harmony amongst the different families living in the neighborhood. In this program, groups of people patrol their neighborhood in the night, being on the lookout for any illegal or untoward activities. If they do see such instances taking place, they have to contact their Beat Patrol officer immediately.
West Valley Police Departments
  • Tour of the City Hall: West Valley city offers complete and guided tours of the city hall, in association with the West Valley Police Department. Educational presentations are provided to school children, including those in elementary and middle school. In addition, scout groups and residents are also provided package tours. In the tour of the City Hall, people are also allowed to see the chambers where the council meets and deliberates on issues of the city.
  • The Giving Tree: The West Valley Giving Tree is an initiative of the Police Department to help all those young adults and teenagers who do not have anyone to give them gifts during the holiday season. Anyone can contribute either gifts or money to the Giving Tree, and can also volunteer to shop for the youth. Currently, the Giving Tree helps over 167 young adults in having a more joyous and a happier holiday.
  • Hiring Off- Duty Officers: The city of West Valley also allows for private businesses and shop owners to hire off- duty police officers to man the security of their office or the traffic in front of their place of work. This transaction will obviously be at the expense of the business owner. These programs are conducted to make people get a friendlier approach towards police officers.
West Valley Police Department

West Valley Police Department Address

3575 South Market Street, West Valley City 84119, Utah.

West Valley Police Department Phone Number

For any emergencies, please contact 911. For any non-emergency related issue or to file a police complaint via phone, contact the West Valley Police at (801) 840- 4000 or (801) 963- 3331.

West Valley Police Department Website


West Valley Department Email

The police department of West Valley does not have a dedicated police email for citizens. In the case of queries or complaints, be sure to contact the police online at https://www.wvc-ut.gov/FormCenter/Police-Contact-5/Contact-the-West-Valley-City-Police-Depa-38.

However, in the case of emergencies, call the police.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!