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Winston Salem Police Department Information

The City of Winston Salem Police Department in Winston Salem, California, has an aim of working with the community to create a quality of life that is free from fears of crime and filled with safety and surety. For this purpose, the Winston Salem Police seeks to ease the process of reporting crimes. Once citizens are assured of not undergoing undue harassment when they come to report a crime, then they get more confident in the powers of the police. Thus, when people do not fear to go to the police anymore, criminals tend to have a fear of the police struck into their hearts, and the community will become a safer person for every person.

The Police Department of Winston Salem also holds a number of community programs in this regard, to ease community participation and bridge the gaps between the police and the average person.

  • Citizen’s Police Academy: The citizen’s police academy is a great way in making people understand how a police department actually runs, and how the different departments work together in order to fully serve the community. In addition, the citizens can also offer their own feedback to the police about the areas that the police can improve in. The participants of the Citizen’s Police Academy are educated in several different departments, including constitutional law, canine operations, crime prevention and analysis, professional standards of policemen, juvenile law, and evidence management among others.
Reportingn Crimes, Safer environment
  • Police Explorers: Police Explorers is a program for teens and young adults, who may be interested in having a career in law. Through this program, people are taught about the importance that law holds in society and the mission and objectives of various law agencies. In addition, people also learn what it is to be a law enforcement officer through a first- hand view. The people who sign up for this program learn character development, physical fitness, how to be a good citizen and patriotism through these programs. This helps the explorers learn about not only how to be good and productive citizens, but also helps them to be a part of law enforcement in the future if they so desire.
  • Crime Stoppers: Crime Stoppers is a unique initiative of the Winston Salem Police in their effort to make the city a safer place for everyone. Through this program, businesses, citizens, and the law enforcement come together to be on the lookout for criminals, whose face and name gets plastered everywhere. In order to ensure maximum participation, the police offer several initiatives such as monetary rewards of up to $2000, and complete confidentiality of the caller for their own safety. The caller receives a code number on the spot and is henceforth called by the code number. In addition to calling the police at (336) 727- 2800, you can now also text them with the name of the criminal and the place where you saw them at 274635. Moreover, even school children are encouraged to use this program, and send tips regarding illegal activities being conducted at schools, such as drug dealing, and underage drinking. The crime stoppers program is administered by a group of volunteers and headed by a trained coordinator.
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Winston Salem Police Department Address

Physical Address: 725 North Cherry Street, Winston Salem 27101, California.

Mailing Address: PO Box 2511, Winston Salem 27102- 2511, California.

Winston Salem Police Department Phone Number

For any emergencies, please contact 911. For any non-emergency related issue within city limits, contact the Winston Salem Police at (336) 727- 8000. For non-emergencies outside city limits, call (336) 773- 7700.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!