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Health Benefits of Prebiotic Supplements

by Keren P.

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Benefits of Prebiotic Supplements

Unlike its more famous name-alike, prebiotic is much under the radar when compared to probiotic. Prebiotics and probiotics together lead to much better health and an increasing number of people have included these two in their regular diet,

Since prebiotics travel through the stomach without breaking down the bring positive changes to the organs and the digestive tract. To put it succinctly, prebiotic compounds become the sources of nutrients for beneficial bacteria located within the gut. They play a vital role in preserving your health by maintaining the diversity and balance of intestinal bacteria. Their presence increases the number of good bacteria like Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli.

Since our gut health is intimately linked to multiple bodily functions, the prebiotics and probiotics partner together to battle inflammation and lower the overall disease risk. Increased prebiotic intake has been connected to a number of important benefits like reduced cardiovascular disease risk and much healthier cholesterol levels. With better gut health comes improved digestion. You get the benefit of reduced stress response and a much improved hormonal balance. The immune function increases and there are lower risks for weight gain and obesity. There are also lower autoimmune reactions and reduced inflammation incidences.


Better immune function

Consuming foods containing prebiotics may result in noticeable changes in the gut microbiome composition. This assists in boosting immunity. Substantial improvements were observed in immune systems activities and biomarkers. These include reduced instances of a few specific cancer boosting enzymes and also bacterial metabolites found within the gut.

Prebiotics help to improve the frequency of poop and its consistency. This reduces gastroenteritis risk and infections. Overall health is improved. Allergy symptoms incidences get reduced as well. The immunity gets boosted by improvement for nutrient absorption and the lowering of gut pH to block potential pathogen growth. The incidence of harmful bacteria gets reduced.

Prebiotics increase immunity by being a fuel to your gut bacteria. This will be beneficial in treating a wide swathe of conditions like intestinal disorders, viral infections, and allergies. A few studies have reported a marked reduction in cancer and tumor cells post consumption of foods with prebiotic effects. Inflammation also gets reduced, thus lowering the chances of heart disease. People who ingest more prebiotics tend to enjoy healthier cholesterol levels.


Improved digestion and gut health

Prebiotics stimulates beneficial bacteria growth. These bacteria or probiotics reside as per of our gut microflora. As they function like food for the probiotics, the prebiotic compounds help to balance harmful bacteria and a number of toxins present in the digestive tract. These carry multiple health implications, including much-improved digestion. As per research, increased consumption of prebiotics foods will give rise to multiple probiotic microorganisms.

The helpful bacteria present in the gut uses indigestible fiber content present in the food you consume as a survival source. As the gut bacteria metabolize non-digestible fibers from foods the result is the production of short-chain fatty acids. These are by themselves highly beneficial compounds. Butyric acid is one such example of a beneficial compound. This improves the intestinal lining's health. The short chain fatty acids help to regulate the electrolyte levels in the body to promote better digestion and support regularity. Digestive issues like constipation and diarrhea are also relieved.

What are Prebiotics

Gut microbiota changes are regarded as one of many factors involved in the development of either irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease. Research has proved that prebiotics, in conjunction with probiotics, has the ability to treat multiple digestive problems like diarrhea, Crohn's disease and other specific intestinal infections along with ulcerative colitis. Prebiotics helps to mitigate irritable bowel syndrome symptoms and a leaky gut. It also helps to ease any inflammatory bowel disease.

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