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Albion Correctional Facility Profile and Valuable Information

Procedures and the way the facility works differ from one facility to the other. Thus, it is important to know the basic information and rules about the correctional facility in which an inmate is held, to get in contact with him or her. Here’s a guide that can help!

Albion Correctional Facility history

In 1894, the Albion Correctional Facility was first established as the Western House of Refuge for Women. Later, it became the Albion State Training School. It is one of the medium-security correctional facilities in New York, apart from Taconic and Bedford Hills Correctional facility meant for female inmates exclusively. The prison has a capacity of 1247 adult working inmates. Also, it has a history of having Amy Fisher (of Long Island Lolita fame) as an inmate for around 3 years before she was transferred to Bedford Hills.

Albion Correctional Facility phone number

To contact the prison facility or the inmate held here, dial (585)-589-5511.

Albion Correctional Facility address

The physical address of the Albion Correctional Facility is as follows:

3595 State School Road, Albion, New York- 14411-9399

Albion Correctional Facility
Albion Correctional Facility inmate programs

Here are a variety of programs offered by the facility to help the inmates redirect their lives:

  • Family Development Program
  • Vocational Programs
  • Sex Offender Treatment Programs
  • Trauma Programs
  • Counseling Programs
  • Recreational Programs
  • Anger Management Programs
  • GED Programs
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Program
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Temporary Release Programs
  • Religious services
  • Veteran services
  • Library & Law Library services
  • Transitional Programs

Albion Correctional Facility visiting hours

Visiting Hours & Days for SHU (Special Housing Unit): 8 am to 2:30 pm on any one day Sunday through Saturday. (only one non-legal visitation is permitted on a weekly basis)

Normal visiting hours are the same but only allowed on weekends & holidays.

You need to arrive latest by 2 pm, to get through the processing without which you won’t be allowed inside.

Albion Correctional Facility mail and visitation rules

If you want to send a mail to a loved one who is an inmate at this facility, abide by the following:

  • Send it to the above-stated address.
  • An envelope must not contain more than 5 pages or more than 10 photos.
  • Do not spray any kind of perfume on the envelope or its contents.
  • The envelope should only have your name and mailing address (printed in the upper left corner); the name of the inmate and DIN number (in the middle) and the name of the correctional facility & address below the name of the inmate.
albion Correctional Facility New York

The visiting might seem overwhelming. So, here are the most vital things to follow while visiting an inmate:

  • The visiting hours must be followed strictly. Contact the facility to check whether the inmate has been transferred and still retains visiting privileges (Visitors application is not needed).
  • Carry a valid photo identification proof (birth certificates for minor visitors).
  • A maximum number of people/visits is 5 and an unlimited number of visits are allowed during the visitation hours.
  • All visitors must sign the acknowledgment statement for the rules & regulations.
  • All visitors will have to go through a metal detector (carry medical paperwork in case of medical devices like pacemakers) and will be searched prior to that.
  • Random drug tests may be conducted.
  • For infant visitors, a plastic baby bottle (filled with formula/milk), 3 diapers are allowed
  • Provocative or revealing clothes, uniforms, hats, clothes with metal in it, metal hairpins, etc are strictly prohibited.
  • Disruptive, uncontrollable, loud behavior will either make your visit end early or terminated
  • Do not enter the facility with cameras, cell phones, wallets or purses.
  • Do not leave people or animals in the car while visiting
  • Apart from a brief kiss or embrace in the beginning and end of the visiting session, all physical contact is strictly prohibited

Albion Correctional Facility inmate locator

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!