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Altona Correctional Facility Profile and Valuable Information

Altona Correctional Facility is at Altona town in Clinton County, New York. According to 2010 reports, 512 inmates were residing in the Altona facility. It is a medium level security prison and houses male inmates only.

Altona Correctional Facility History

Earlier, the Altona Correctional Facility was owned by the Altona's Central School. This building operated to fulfill administrative and educational needs. Later, the Central School transformed into Altona's Correctional Facility. This facility began operating in 1983. Altona Correctional Facility is one of the oldest existing facilities in New York.

Altona Correctional Facility Phone Number: (518)-236-7841

Altona Correctional Facility Address:

Altona Correctional Facility

555 Devils Den Road

Altona, New York 12910-2090

Altona Correctional Facility
Altona Correctional Facility Programs:

The Altona Correctional facility offers a variety of programs for the inmates. Qualified professionals assist the inmates throughout the training sessions. These programs help the inmates in leading a normal life after serving a sentence in the prison or in securing a job in an organization. Range of programs like educational, employment, construction, waste management, and religious services, etc. These programs aim to serve for the betterment of the inmates. The correctional facilities also provide additional programs too. They are:

  • Therapy programs for alcohol and drug abuse
  • Sessions in controlling anger and anxiety issues
  • Counseling services
  • Library or reading services
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation programs
  • Sex Offender Treatment Programs
  • Temporary Release Programs
  • Trauma reliving sessions
  • Transitional Services Programs
  • Senior Citizen Services
  • Volunteer Services and Programs

Altona Correctional Facility Visiting Hours: Visiting hours begin from 8:15 am and end at 2:30 pm on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). The facility also allows visitors during public holidays too.

Altona Correctional Facility Mail and Visitation Rules:

Inmate Name, ID Number

Altona Correctional Facility

P.O. Box 3000

Altona, New York 12910-2090

Visitors need to register in the Inmate Visitation System. Select the time slot to visit the inmates. Walk visits allowed on the condition of a first come first serve basis. Security checks and other formalities will take place prior to the scheduled time of the visit. Visitation members include a maximum of 4 adults and 2 children allowed to meet the inmates. The below mentioned are not allowed in the prison premises:

  • All electronic devices like mobile phones, cameras, music consoles, USB
  • Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or tobacco products
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Medications like tablets, syrup
  • Bags, backpacks, handbags, wallets, etc
  • Keys, cash or identification papers
  • Outside food or drink
  • Metal or glass or plastic containers
  • Paint, pens scissors, knitting needles
Altona Correctional Facility New York

The facility has also laid down Visiting Room Overcrowding Policy. The policy is applicable when the visiting premises filled with lots of people. The following criteria will be applicable:

1) The processing counters shut the services after 11.15 am Visitors could meet the inmates for a limited time period.

2) Evacuation first batch visitors will take place

Altona Correctional Facility Inmate Locator:

Locating an inmate is a click away procedure these days. There are many search engines available on the internet to locate an inmate or his records. Details like first name, last name, and state, etc are essential to complete your search. GoLookUp inmate search directory will resolve all your queries. Enter the URL Type in the details in the given boxes and then press the search button. Your search results will appear on the screen in no time. Download the document and print a copy for your reference.

Altona Correctional Facility has introduced a new technology to talk to the inmates at the prison. You can connect with the inmates through video calling. Prior approval is mandatory from the correctional authorities. This facility overcomes the fear of overcrowding and makes it easier for the family members of the inmate.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 1, 2022
Sensitive Information!