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Angola State Prison Information

Angola State Prison, which is known as the Louisiana State Penitentiary is located in Angola Louisiana. It is a maximum-security prison farm or correctional facility and is the largest maximum-security prison in the United States. The institutional grounds are said to be larger than the entire area of Manhattan. The prison is also nicknamed as the ‘Alcatraz of the South’, ‘The Farm’ and ‘The Angola Plantation’. It is named ‘the farm’ after the former plantation that occupied the territory. The plantation was named after the African country from where many slaves were brought into the state of Louisiana.

Most of the inmates in the Angola State Prison are violent offenders and more than half are serving a life sentence. The prison is home to the Louisiana state’s male death row inmates waiting for execution. The prison has segregation units, correctional facilities disciplinary units, death row unit, and lockdown cellblocks. It also consists of maximum custody units, 16 medium and minimum custody dormitories, a reception center, multiple out-camps, and a fire station and airfield. 

Contact Information

- Address

17544 Tunica Trace

Angola, 70712

- Mailing Information

a. Institution address

Louisiana State Penitentiary,

17544 Tunica Trace,

Angola, 70712

Angola State Prison

b. Inmate Mailing Address

Louisiana State Penitentiary,

c. General Delivery

Angola, Louisiana 70712

You must include the inmate name in full along with the inmate identification number.

  • Phone: (225)-655-4411
  • Number of Inmates: Approximately 6300 adult male inmates
  • Visitation hours

You can visit inmates in the Angola State Prison on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 6 AM to 4:15 PM by taking prior appointment. Inmates can have up to five visitors per visit which includes children. You can visit an inmate not more than two times a month. If a month has five weekends, visitation is not allowed on the fifth weekend. 

  • Warden Information

Darrel Vannoy was an acting warden of the Angola State Prison and will continue to stay in the job. Vannoy worked as deputy warden before serving as warden of the Dixon Correctional Institute. He replaced Nathan Burl Cain as the warden at the Angola State Prison, who had served there for twenty-one years until 2016.

  • Management Information

The Angola State Prison is managed by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (DPS&C).

  • Institutional Programs include hospice program, physical and mental health program
  • Academic Programs include Adult Basic Education, GED vocational programs,
  • Other Programs include carpentry, welding, horticulture, electrical, automotive repair, culinary skills, among other programs.
Angola State Prison Inmates

Angola Inmate Search

The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections offers the Offender Locator to the family and friends of offenders assigned to the custody of the DPS&C. Individuals can use the offender locator or call 225-383-4580 to access the Offender Locator system which works 24 hours a day. You will need the offender’s name in full and the Department of Corrections (DOC) number to be able to collect information regarding the prisoner. If you fail to obtain the offender’s DOC number, you will have to enter the offender’s date of birth, to access information such as the address of the facility and housing assignment where the offender is currently located. The information also provides the offender’s contact number and projected release date if applicable.

The Offender Locator system is updated every 24 hours. It also includes information on offenders under probation or parole but does not include offenders on pre-trial or inmates serving municipal sentences. The offender Locator does not provide information on all inmates of Angola State Prison for security reasons. The misuse of information provided by the Offender Locator or any information provided by the DPS&C is a criminal offense. You will be subject to trial and possible imprisonment if you are found guilty of misuse of information.

Another way to perform an Angola inmate search is to use a public records search directory, such as GoLookUp. To find the person you are looking for, you need to provide their first name and last name. Once you do, the search engine will scan public records to perform an Angola inmate search, and at the end of the query, you will receive the criminal record of the person in question. The information will include the personal information of the inmate and their arrest and criminal record history so you can find out if the individual in question is indeed held in Angola.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!