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Auburn Correctional Facility Profile and Valuable Information

Auburn Correctional Facility is a maximum-security prison for males located in Auburn, New York. It is one of the earliest prisons in the United States that are still operational.

Auburn Correctional Facility history tells us that it was built in 1816 on land that was then known as Cayuga Village. It was the 2nd state prison to be constructed in New York and initially referred to as Auburn Prison. The facility in its foundational years raised funds by charging a visitation fee. The fee was later increased to reduce the influx of visitors. It was at the Auburn Prison that the first execution by electric chair took place in1890.

Auburn Correctional Facility was also the site of the implementation of the Auburn System. Under this penal method, prisoners were kept in solitary confinement with enforced silence and required to perform hard labor. Prisoners wore gray striped uniforms, maintained silence and always walked in lockstep. The prisoners' clothing was issued based on their crimes for the purpose of segregation. It is interesting to note that the horizontal striped uniform in black and white associated with American prisons also originated at the Auburn facility.

The tasks for prisoners included making clothing, shoes, boots, barrels, boilers, combs, furniture, etc. Auburn Correctional Facility was the first to gain monetary benefit from such prison labor.

The facility also housed women, prisoners, before 1933. In the early years, they were held in an unventilated attic above the prison and required to do tasks like Knitting, Wool picking, etc. From 1892 to 1933, they were housed in a separate building at the prison. Later, the woman inmates were transferred to a maximum-security wing at Bedford Hills.

Auburn Correctional Facility
The facility provides a number of vocational programs for inmates:

Auburn Corrections Facility inmates programs include training in building and maintenance work, masonry, painting, welding, flooring installation, drafting, electrical and general business. The prison runs three correctional industries - license plate manufacturing, upholstery and furniture making.

The facility offers basic adult education to all its inmates. Cornell University and Cayuga Community College also administer degree courses at Auburn Correctional Facility.

It is interesting to note that New York State's license plates are manufactured at Auburn Correctional Facility.

Auburn Correctional Facility visiting hours are from 9 AM to 3 PM, Monday to Friday. On Weekends and Holidays, the visitors are not permitted to register for a visit beyond 2 PM.

For those lodged in the Special Housing Unit, visitation hours remain the same but they are only allowed one non-legal visit in a week. A maximum of six visitors on weekdays and weekends and four on holidays are permitted. There is no limit to the number of visits an inmate can receive.

Auburn Correctional Facility address is 135 State Street, Auburn, NY, 13024-9000.

Auburn Correctional Facility phone number is (315) 253-8401

Auburn Correctional Facility New York
Inmate mail can be sent to:

P.O. Box 618, Zip 13021, Auburn, NY 13024-9000

Prisoner’s correct details need to be mentioned. Auburn Corrections facility should be contacted for the Full name and ID of the inmate. This will ensure that the mail reaches the right person.

It is important to adhere to Auburn Correctional Facility mail and visitation rules to ensure that one continues to remain in touch with the inmate throughout the period of incarceration.

Family and friends of the inmate and other concerned individuals can use Auburn Correctional facility inmate locator tools available online to keep a track of all the information pertaining to the inmate. inmate search directory is one such tool that gives detailed information about a prisoner including arrest records, criminal records, date of release, etc. The directory searches through all the available public records and displays arrest records, mugshots and other relevant information. The search is simple and needs nothing more than the full name of the inmate.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
Sensitive Information!