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Boston Pre-Release Center Profile and Valuable Information

Shortly referred to as BPRC, the Boston Pre-Release Center is a pre-release facility as the name implies. It is a minimum-security prison that houses criminally sentenced men, prisoners. At present, the facility provides space for around 150 prisoners.

Visiting an inmate in BPRC:

BPRC belongs to the Massachusetts Department of Correction. The department recognizes the importance of visitors to the well-being of the inmates. So, the department motives family reunification. However, the department is equally committed to making sure that the public, inmates, visitors and staff all through the correction department should be safe.

The visitors should follow the Boston Pre-Release Center mail and visitation rules. Accordingly, before visiting, they should ensure one thing. They should check whether the inmate has added them to his pre-approved visiting list. The reason is that the inmates are responsible for notifying the facility on who may visit them by submitting the name of each visitor.

The visitors are recommended to fill up the Visitor Application Form. Also, they should check the Boston Pre-Release Center visiting hours and accordingly plan their visits. Even, they should follow the appropriate rules framed for sending mails to the inmates.

Boston Pre-Release Center

Boston Pre-Release Center Visiting hours:

To know the Boston Pre-Release Center visiting hours, prospective visitors should call the facility at the Boston Pre-Release Center phone number (617) 822-5000 to know the time. The reason is that the visiting schedule changes during holidays and weekdays. However, the general practice is visiting hours on Sundays is from 1 pm to 4 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm. The same timings apply for Tuesday to Saturday as well.

At the time of visiting:

Let us consider that a visitor is confident that the inmate has added his/her name in the pre-approved list. Then, he will have to call the facility to know the exact timing on which visitation is permitted. Then, they will have to visit the facility at Boston Pre-Release Center address at 430 Canterbury St., Roslindale, MA 02131. When they visit, they should carry one of the following valid IDs:

  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • State Driver’s license
  • Official photo ID cards issued by a federal or state agency including customs enforcement documents, immigration documents and government employee ID Cards.

Boston Pre-Release Center History:

In the commonwealth of Massachusetts, this facility turned out to be the first of its kind in November 1972. On the 31st of October 2003, the facility opened its doors at its new location, which is the present location.

Inmate programs at Boston Pre-Release Center:

This facility operates as a 200-bed facility designed for providing the inmates with the chance for a gradual transition from jail life to community life. The correctional officers across the Boston and surrounding areas supervise the inmate work crews. The Boston Pre-Release Center inmate programs include:

  • Volunteer Services
  • Religious Services
  • Recreation Services
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment as a re-entry initiative
  • Graduate Maintenance Peer Facilitator Program for substance abuse
  • Graduate Maintenance Program for substance abuse.

Further, the institutional programs for prisoners at this facility include:

  • Fundamental Computer Literacy
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • AA Re-entry Fellowship Program
  • Cognitive Skills Workshop
  • CareerPathway Workshop
  • Fully Alive Program
  • Fatherheart Program
  • Emerald Gardening Program
  • Doing The Right Thing
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Stepping Up
  • Writing for the soul

Also, level 2 inmates get to participate in the following community programs:

  • Step Down Community Assistance under Community Program
  • Office of Community Corrections
  • Educational Release
Boston Pre-Release Center Massachusetts

Boston Pre-Release Center inmate search:

If you are not sure whether one of your known men is in this facility, you can consider using the Boston Pre-Release Center inmate locator offered by GoLookUp. It has been designed as an easy-to-use tool. On this online tool, you will have to provide the name and the state to which the person belongs to.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 26, 2022
Sensitive Information!