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Bradshaw State Jail Profile and Valuable Information

Located in Henderson Texas, Bradshaw State Jail is a minimum, medium and maximum-security, privately run facility. Reserved for male offenders, the Jail can house over 1,980 inmates. The level of the inmates at the facility ranges from J1 to J5, J1 being minimum and J5 being maximum. J5 are those offenders who can get very aggressive or have a former record. The jail is operated through a private contract with CCA -Corrections Corporation of America.

Bradshaw State Jail Texas History

Bradshaw State Jail was opened in July 1995 by Management & Training Corporation

Bradshaw State Jail phone number

You can call Bradshaw State Jail at the following number: (903)-655-0880

Bradshaw State Jail address

For visiting Bradshaw State Jail the address of the facility is as follows:

James Bradshaw State Jail

3900 West Loop 571 North

Henderson, TX

Zip - 75653

Bradshaw State Jail

Bradshaw State Jail visiting hours

Inmates housed at Bradshaw State Jail can be visited on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 8 am to 5 pm. The visiting time is 2 hours for normal/regular visits, but special visits may give you as many as four hours. Only two visitors are allowed, however, children below 16 years of age will not be counted.

Bradshaw State Jail mail and visitation rules

It is very crucial to ensure that you do not carry any prohibited items and remember you would be subject to search. You can check with the facility for a complete list of prohibited. Some of the items not allowed include alcoholic beverages, any drug, firearms, tobacco, matches, pagers, smartwatches, cameras, digital recorders or wireless devices. You are also not allowed to carry paper currency though you can carry coins of the maximum total value of $25. Mobile phones are strictly not allowed.

Besides, it is compulsory that you dress appropriately for the visit and please keep in mind that spandex, revealing or transparent clothing is not allowed.

You must also note that when inside the facility, you are forbidden to engage in the given activities:

  • Loitering around the facility’s front gate, perimeter pickets or parking lot
  • Walking adjacent to the perimeter road
  • Videography/photography of the fences, buildings or any other parts
  • Playing loud music
  • Yelling at Inmates

Also, the children shouldn’t be left unattended at any time.

For mailing an inmate housed in ​​​Bradshaw State Jail, you would require his name and ID. You must mention both of these before the facility’s address as follows:

Inmate’s Name

ID number

​James Bradshaw State Jail

P.O. Box 9000

Henderson, TX

Zip - 75653-9000

Bradshaw State Jail inmate programs

Inmates housed in Bradshaw State Jail are provided with educational opportunities which include adult basic education and GED. WIlling inmates are also offered vocational training in masonry, electrical and carpentry. Inmates are also offered parenting courses, substance abuse treatment, life skills, support groups as well as employment preparation.

Bradshaw State Jail Texas

Bradshaw State Jail, Texas inmate locator

If you are looking for an inmate’s details housed in Bradshaw State Jail, it has never been easier. Neither you are required to find out the right phone numbers, nor repeatedly calling the facility to know the details of an inmate.

The Texas Department of Corrections now keeps & maintains a database of the offenders that are imprisoned in the state and Bradshaw State Jail is one of them. You can visit and check the GoLookUp inmate search directory ( to find the details of the offender. The advanced database helps you access all the details you need like the release date of the inmate when he was jailed, what his conviction is etc. You will need the Inmate’s name.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!