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Broad River Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

Citizens of a country look up to their government for safeguarding them. This can not be assumed as wrong. But most of the citizens and more particularly, who are educated, are aware that they should also take a few measures in addition to the efforts made by the government for keeping themselves safe.

The governments also know that they cannot afford to adopt a cavalier attitude when the question of safety of their citizens arises. Of course, even if the governments and the citizens take all the steps required, the total elimination of crimes may not be possible. But this should not be a reason to dispense with the steps that ought to be taken.

Governments including that of the USA are keen to transform the convicts and help them lead as smooth lives as other citizens live. It is with this aim they have established correctional centers in various cities. Residents of these cities may like to have the details about these correctional units because they may like to visit the inmates known to them or may wish to contact the centers for various other purposes. Therefore, an attempt is made here to access some of the details pertaining to South Carolina's Broad River Correctional Facility.

Broad River Correctional Institution

History of Broad River Correctional Institution

For those interested in knowing the Broad River Correctional Facility history, the prison was opened in the year 1988. It was during January 1990 the authorities moved the inmates who belonged to the death-row category including those housed in the Central Correctional Unit to the Broad River Correctional Center.

Executions at the Broad River Correctional Institution began in 1990. On 12th April 1997, inmates who belonged to the death-row category were moved to the Correctional Center at Lieber. Again during September 2017, these inmates were shifted to the Correctional Institution at Kirkland. Yet another shift of the inmates happened on the 11th of July 2019 and they were moved to the original Broad River housing unit.

How to get in touch with the Broad River Correctional Institution?

Those who may have doubts or queries about the correctional center may need its phone number. That is why the Broad River Correctional Facility phone number is given here. The number is +1 803-896-2234.

Broad River Correctional Center Address

Every visit by friends, relatives, or known people of the inmates of correctional centers is worth it because these visits will help the inmates by accelerating their reformation process. But these visitors should know the address for planning their visits. The Broad River Correctional Facility address is 4460 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29210, United States.

Broad River Correctional Center Inmate Programs

Apart from offering protective custody covering the whole state of South Carolina, the correctional center offers a few programs to the inmates housed in it. Some of the Broad River Correctional Facility inmate programs inter-alia are treatments focused on correcting the behaviors of sex offenders, volunteer programs that include religious programs.

Those offered for helping the inmates get rid of their habit of narcotics use, those that have been put in place by Alcoholics Anonymous for assisting inmates to get rid of the drinking habits that have ruined their lives, and Recreational programs. Of course, literacy programs for imparting basic education in the inmates and what is required for their GED preparation are also offered.

Broad River Correctional Center Visiting Hours

Those who want to know the Broad River Correctional Facility visiting hours should contact the center over the phone or by visiting its website. Once they have these details, they can schedule their visits accordingly.

Broad River Correctional Institution South Carolina

Broad River Correctional Center Mail and Visitation Rules

According to the Broad River Correctional Facility mail and visitation rules, all the letters intended to be sent to the inmates who are housed in the center should be addressed to the institution but the name of the inmate and his or her ID number should be included in the address.

The visitation rules of the center categorically state that the visitors who have been approved by the authorities of the facility should show a valid ID proof before making their visits.

Further, those who are aged below 18 are not allowed to visit the center. If a person less than this age wants to make a visit to the center, he or she should bring an adult friend or relative along with him or her. Before making visits, visitors should contact the center to know the timings of visits so that they can plan and schedule their visits accordingly.

Broad River Correctional Center Inmate Search

Several websites provide people with inmate search services. But it should not be assumed that all of them have been designed with ease of use in mind. Among such sites, the best Broad River Correctional Facility inmate locator is, which is the website of GoLookUp.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
Sensitive Information!