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Bullock Correctional Facility Profile and Valuable Information

The Alabama Department of Corrections manages the Bullock Correctional Facility. It belongs to the medium-security class and the facility houses more than 1100 prisoners. However, the capacity of the prison is 1658. Similar to other such facilities, this correctional facility offers the appropriate services for educational classes and substance abuse treatments.

Bullock Correctional Facility History:

When looking for the Bullock Correctional Facility History, you will find that this prison was initially established in the year 1987 in the month of April. Right from the establishment, it functions as a minimum prison.

Communications with the Facility:

The Bullock Correctional Facility phone number is (334) 738-5625. To help people communicate with the facility, the phone lines are open on all weekdays from 8 am in the morning until 10.30 pm. During weekends, the phone lines are generally open until 11 pm.

Bullock Correctional Facility
Other ways of communication:

According to the Bullock Correctional Facility mail and visitation rules, it will be possible to send mails to the inmates in the prison and the Bullock Correctional Facility address is P.O. Box 5107, Union Springs, AL 36089-510. When this is the mailing address, the street address is 104 Bullock Drive, Union Springs, AL 36089.

The inmates in the facility can get a couple of books of stamps through mail. Even, people in the inmate’s funds list can send commissary funds to him/her.

Bullock Correctional Facility Inmate Programs:

The facility is spread over 110 acres and the basic services offered by the facility include mental health care to the prisoners. In Bullock Correctional Facility Inmate Programs, the treatment protocols encompass intensive and intermediate substance abuse and mental health treatment. Even, the programs include every-day religious programs and fundamental adult education. Further, the comprehensive healthcare program offered by this facility includes dental and medical care services.

Bullock Correctional Facility Visiting Hours:

Visitors are permitted to meet the inmates during the Bullock Correctional Facility Visiting Hours, which includes Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am to 12.40 pm. As the gates will be opened at 7.45 am, the visitors are expected to arrive at the facility at around 15 minutes early. The time and day of visiting will differ based on the last name and the housing location of the prisoner.

The thing to be remembered by the prospective visitors is that the schedule of visiting varies in some days. So, for the safer bet, it is better to call at the Bullock Correctional Facility phone number to know the time permitted on a given day.

Bullock Correctional Facility Alabama
Bullock Correctional Facility Mail and Visitation Rules:

According to the Bullock Correctional Facility Mail and Visitation Rules, all visitors must be pre-approved to visit. To visit, your inmate should put you on the pre-approved visitation list to show their liking to see you when they are staying at the Bullock Correctional Facility. However, this list will be approved only after review by the correctional facility.

As the facility wishes to restrict the visitors, inmates are generally recommended to narrow down the list of prospective visitors. To get into the visiting list of your inmate, you will have to fill out a visitor form. Also, you should have a relationship with the inmate before his/her custody. If you do not have any relationship with the inmate, the warden will review your request before approving. Before they get into the facility, the visitors will have to sign into the visitation.

How to locate an inmate?

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!