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California Institution for Men Profile and Valuable Information 

Located in the city of Chino, San Bernardino County, California is the male-only state prison known as California Institute for Men. Commonly referred to as the “Chino Prison”, the prison itself is managed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Being a very colossal structure, the institute can hold a capacity of about 6,200 inmates at any given time.

Most inmates start their journey from the Central Reception which is a part of the California Reception for Men. It is at this reception that they are classified and evaluated according to the offense committed and their security measures are decided upon. Depending on the above evaluation, inmates are divided among the different facilities that are within the California Institute for Men.

California Institution for Men
History Behind the California Institute for Men

California Institute of Men has a total area of 1,700 acres and was opened in the year 1941. The entire complex in itself has four major facilities that house different types of inmates. All four facilities are under the administration of one warden.

CIM was the first all-male prison that had minimum security operating successfully in the United States of America. The purpose of building this institute was to relieve the overcrowded conditions that were prevailing over San Quentin State Prison in the year 1852 and Folsom State Prison in the year 1881.

This institution is famous for the five-strand barbwire fence that it previously had which separates inmates from the outside world. However, over time the security of the state prison became stricter due to the different backgrounds of inmates residing within the facilities.

Visiting Hours and Rules

Visiting hours for the California Institute for Men are from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm on weekends only. Visitors can either schedule a meeting with an inmate online or make an appointment with the facility before 2 pm on their day of the visit. Visitations are only one hour long and cannot be extended under any circumstances.

To find out an inmate and the facility that they are hosted in, log onto for more details.

California Institute for Men Inmates Programs

California Institute for Men has offered its inmates a variety of programs that they can opt for which will give them different types of skill knowledge, in-turn helping them to earn a living once they are released from the facility. Some of the different inmate programs that are offered by the institution include:

  • Academic programs like Adult Basic Education I, II & III for those inmates who wish to upgrade their educational skills or for those who need this program as a base for vocational skills training. l Inmates who opt for this program are taught writing, reading, math, language, and many other educational skills.
  • 150 inmates of CIM are enrolled for the Substance Abuse Program where they get help for addiction recovery. There are also a variety of volunteer self-help groups that offer meets for inmates for their help.
  • The Leonard Greenstone Marine Technology Training Center (MTTC) is a relatively new program that was introduced in the year 2006 by the Prison Industry Authority (PIA). This program provides inmates with an international curriculum where they learn about diving physics, report writing, diving physics, welding, air systems, blueprint reading, seamanship, marine construction, and diesel engines. Inmates who are enrolled in this program usually show a high level of proficiency and confidence in the completion of this course.
  • Some of the CIM Inmate Leisure Time Activity Groups include:
  • Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotic Anonymous (helps participants maintain sobriety through support and education)
  • Veterans in Prison (a support group for incarcerated veterans)
  • Victim Offender Education Group (helps offenders to understand the impact of crimes and affects on the victim along with education about the justice program)
  • Prisoners Research Independent Decision to Educate (a group that helps youth through education)
  • ASK Mentor Program is one of the special programs that are meant for inmates who have little or no visits from family or friends. The purpose of this program is to help inmates prepare for re-entering into society.
California Institution for Men history

Apart from the above-mentioned programs, the Center for the Empowerment of Families (CEF), Fatherhood Program, College Education Program, Criminal Gang member Anonymous (CGA), Prison Education & Arts Programs, are some of the other programs that are also offered at CIM.

Contact Details

Address: 14901 Central Avenue, Chino, San Bernardino County, CA 91710.

Phone Number: (909) 597-1821

Mailing Address: Post Office Box No.128, Chino, CA 91708

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
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