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California Institution for Women Profile and Valuable Information

"Frontera" is a Spanish word with (possible) Latin origins, the meaning of which is "frontier" or "border" in English. A prison for women offenders in California, had "Frontera" as its name when it first opened in the early 1950s. The name was in keeping with its main idea of working towards the betterment and suggestive of "a new beginning" for its female inmates.

Abbreviated as CIW, the California Institute for Women is a prison managed by the Department of Corrections of the State of California. It has a few interesting facts regarding its history. Situated in the city of Corona, residents of the city had once taken objection to the name of their hometown being included with the name of the prison. Before this facility opened in Riverside County, another all-women facility had taken root in Tehachapi. Initially admitting female detainees from 1932, it was forced to move its female inmates, following an earthquake that occurred at Kern County in 1952.

California Institution for Women
The female prisoners shifted to Chino. The prison has a definitive goal; that of creating a positive space for Level I-III female detainees. The institute has a very capable warden currently; Warden Richard Montes has been in office from December 2019. He has previously served (as a medical officer) in the U.S. Army National Guard and received an honorable discharge in 2003. He has worked with female offenders since then, going out of his way to seek equal employment opportunities and other ways to benefit women detainees, both inside and outside prison walls.

This facility has a special chief executive officer who manages health care at the institute; Jim Eliot has worked in areas of physical and mental healthcare, and with high-risk individuals, and brings valuable expertise to his position. The institute prides itself on making top-of-the-line medical care available to women who seem to have lost hope. The facility defines itself by its restorative rehabilitation programs, specifically meant for women detainees. Programs are of various types, keeping in mind women as central benefactors of services offered here.

California Institution for Women Inmate Programs

There is a range of programs, with the goal of being advantageous to female inmates:

  • Academic programs include adult basic education courses, GED courses, high school diploma programs, college bachelor's degree course programs (affiliated to quite a few colleges), programs for transitioning from the institute into the community, and the like.
  • Manufacturing programs enable female inmates to work in clothing manufacture units, that make clothing and linen; clothing for community workers such as firefighting clothing is also made.
  • Programs of a vocational nature are also facilitated here. These include computer learning programs, software coding programs, word and data processing courses, building maintenance programs and cosmetology courses.
  • Therapeutic programs also benefit inmates; empathy for victims programs, substance abuse therapy and treatment, forestry and camp training courses, and looking after the welfare of puppies, etc. have proved motivating for inmates to lead a better life in the long run.

One can find out more about available programs on

California Institution for Women history
The following are some important details one can use:

  • Address of the institution: (Both street and mailing addresses are the same) California Institution for Women, 16756 Chino-Corona Road, Corona, CA 92880
  • Phone: (909) 597-1771
  • Visitation guidelines can be found in the California Department of Corrections Manual at One has to get prior approval to visit an inmate and fill up a form first (this may be a questionnaire). If one is approved for a visit, the inmate must notify the visitor. Visiting schedules and times are mentioned on the website of the department of corrections mentioned earlier, and one can search for an inmate here too, or search at

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!