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California State Prison Information

Do you know San Quentin State Prison is the oldest detention center in California? Adding to this ancient prison facility, the California department of corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) have numerous state prisons and correction centers under their supervision those will house adult prison inmates. Among the centers of the CDCR, the California State Prison systems rehabilitate around 136.000 adult inmates. With the California system being pioneers of setting up prison conditions amicable for in inmates, these prisons accommodate inmates of all race and religion. To manage inmates and give better physical health and mental health rehabilitation, the California government spends about $64,000 per prisoner every year.

California State Prison (LAC)

One of the most famous state prisons in California is the California state prison Los Angeles County (LAC). It was opened in 1993. This is a male-only state prison and is the only state prison located in the county. This prison is designed to hold around 2300 inmates but currently, it has around 4976 male prison inmates. This prison is spread across 262 acres of land.

California State Prison


The physical address is

44750 60th street west,

Lancaster, CA 93536-7620




You can drop a letter, send money orders, etc. at

CSP- Los Angeles County

PO box 8457

Lancaster, CA 93539-8457

If you need to send a mail to an inmate, here is the address:

Inmate Name and CDCR number

CSP-Los Angeles County Inmates’ Housing

PO Box 4430/ 4490/4610/4730

Lancaster, CA 93539-4430/4490/4610/4730


[email protected]

Warden Information

Ms. Debbie Asuncion is the warden of California State Prison, Los Angeles County since 2015. She has served the CDCR from 1991 and has held numerous prestigious positions before. There is also a health care center in LAC and Ms. Christina Galstian is the CEO of this facility.

State Prison California

How to Search an Inmate in California State Prison?

The CDCR provides a free feature to search on any of its prison inmates. Also they are investing a lot of money and technology to improve their public inmate locator system’s user interface. To search on a particular prison inmate, you need to know the following information namely

  • CDCR number- the unique identification number assigned to each inmate
  • Last name
  • First name(optional)
  • Middle name (optional)

This website search returns results that include only adult inmates. If the prison inmate is admitted to hospital or has been transferred from one prison to another, you will not get any information on such persons. Hence in such special cases, you can use public assistance service of the CDCR to contact CDCR’s identification unit at (916)-445-6713. You can contact them on Monday’s through Friday between 8:00 AM till 4:30 PM.

How to Visit an Inmate in California State Prison?

To visit an adult or juvenile inmate of the California State Prison, you have to follow these steps:

  • Read the guidelines for visitation mentioned in the CDCR website
  • Locate the inmate first. You can use the inmate locator facility in the CDCR website
  • Obtain prior permission using VPASS system. This system stands for visitor processing appointment scheduling system. You need to create an online account and proceed with your request.
  • You can check the visiting status in advance to check if the institution has approved your request. To verify the status there are two ways:

o You can call at visiting status Hotline number at 1-800-374-8474

o You can check the status in the VPASS system.

  • Follow the dress code as stated in the guidelines
  • Visitors are allowed to send money or religious property packages to jail inmates. For more details check the CDCR website’s visitation guidelines page.
California State Prison Inmates

Institutional Programs

To keep the prison inmates happy and engaged there are plenty of inmate programs organized at the California state prison. For example

  • PIA- detergent production, laundry of jail inmates
  • Vocational services like janitorial, electrician, plumbing

Academic Programs

Prison inmates who wish to pursue their education can choose one of these academic programs in offering namely,

  • Adult basic education
  • Pre-release literacy program
  • College education through coastline college
  • Inmate peer-educational programs etc.

There are correspondence courses available through which jail inmates can do schooling and complete their bachelor’s degrees.

Other Programs

Other community service programs like religious services, victim awareness programs, paving the way for better future, creating writing, poetry, music and fine arts, handicrafts, prison art programs, dog training programs, center for health justice, etc. are available at the California state prison premises.

It is interesting to observe CDCR‘s rehabilitation programs are vast and exhaustive. They aim in bettering the life of their inmates and helping them to transform themselves into better citizens and find a new life post their release.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 6, 2022
Sensitive Information!