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Camino Nuevo Correctional Center Profile and Valuable Information
Located in the city of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County of New Mexico, Camino Nuevo Correctional Center served as a medium-security prison for women. The administration of this facility was managed by the CCA, also known as the Corrections Corporation of America.

Camino Nuevo Correctional Center History

Camino Nuevo Correctional Center’s history can be traced back to 2006 July, when it first opened its gates to admit female felons into the facility. Being located because housed the New Mexico Youth Diagnostic and Development Center, the Camino Nuevo Correctional Center was adjacent to a facility that is known for holding some of the most violent youth who have been incarcerated by the New Mexico Corrections Department.

Camino Nuevo Correctional Center
Reports of negligence and mismanagement had also surfaced from the Camino Nuevo Correctional Center, resulting in two former inmates of this facility being awarded compensation exceeding $3 million by the federal jury of America owing to grave accusations against the CCA claiming negligent supervision and rape while the inmates were housed inside the facility. The Camino Nuevo Correctional Center is a level 3 facility that can house a little over 72 adult female inmates at a time.

Camino Nuevo Correctional Center Location and Contact Details

Camino Nuevo Correctional Center’s address is listed as 4050 Edith Boulevard Ne, NM 87107, Albuquerque. This also serves as the inmate mailing address of the facility, which you can use to send things to an inmate that you desire. However, make sure that while sending anything to an inmate inside this facility you make sure that the contents of the mail abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the facility.

You also need to make sure that you have mentioned the name and ID of the inmate to ensure there are no confusions. You can furthermore, contact the facility using their contact number. Camino Nuevo Correctional Center’s contact number is listed as 505-343-7000.
Camino Nuevo Correctional Center Inmate Programs

Camino Nuevo Correctional Center’s inmate programs have been devised to provide the inmates a chance at acquiring new skills and implementing them to secure employment once they have been released. The inmate programs that felons inside the Camino Nuevo Correctional Center can avail of include basic adult education, programs for substance abuse treatment, alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous and re-entry programs.

Camino Nuevo Correctional Center Mail/Visitation Rules and Visiting Hours

Camino Nuevo Correctional Center’s mail and visitation rules dictate that you need to be on the approved list of visitors that the inmate has sanctioned to be granted visitation rights. A simple way to confirm whether your visitation has been approved or not is by contacting the facility via their number.

Furthermore, you need to carry a valid government ID to enter the facility and if you are 16 years of age or below that, you must have a legal guardian along with you to enter the facility and visit an inmate. Camino Nuevo Correctional Center’s visiting hours are every weekday and on weekends from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Camino Nuevo Correctional Center New Mexico

Keeping in touch

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!