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Cedar Creek Corrections Center Profile and Valuable Information

The Cedar Creek Correction Center (CCCC) is one of the 9 housing units of the Washington Corrections Center, which is the 5th oldest prison in the state of Washington. The Cedar Creek Correction Centers’ history goes back to 1954. It is a work-oriented re-entry facility offering educational, vocational and cognitive-behavioral programs wherein inmates are allowed to learn skills and set goals for themselves to be better prepared before re-entering the community.

Cedar Creek Corrections Center Details

This Correction Center houses only men and has a capacity of 480 inmates. The Cedar Creek Correction Centers address is P.O. Box 37, 12200 Bordeaux Road Littlerock, WA 98556. You can talk to an inmate using the Cedar Creek Correction Center phone number which is (360) 359-4100 or (360) 359-4179. The hours for communicating with an inmate are set and there are certain guidelines you need to follow before contacting an incarcerated individual.

Cedar Creek Corrections Center

Developmental Programs for Incarcerated Individuals:

The Cedar Creek Correction Center inmate programs are included in 3 broad categories, namely Academic & Partnership Programs, Research-Based Programs and Work & Vocational Programs. There are also Family & Relationship Programs, Learning & Working Programs, Religious, Spiritual & Cultural Programs, and Therapeutic & Support Programs.

Cedar Creek Corrections Center Visiting Hours

The Cedar Creek Correction Center visiting hours (on regular days) for both Cascade & Olympic Living Units together are Mondays and Fridays 6.00 - 8.30 pm while on Saturdays and Sundays the Cascade Unit has visiting hours from 12.00 – 4.30 pm and the Olympic Unit from 6.00 – 8.30 pm, which varies weekly.

The check-in time for visitors is 12.45 pm and 6.30 pm. The video visiting hours are every Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays scheduled in 30-minute increments for an hour. The timings are 6 pm, 7 pm, and 8 pm and the end time is 9 pm for all the 3 days. It is the responsibility of the inmates to set the visiting days and time. Visitors coming on the wrong day or time, or unplanned and uninformed visits will not be allowed.

Cedar Creek Corrections Center Visitor Guidelines

The Cedar Creek Correction Center mail and visitation rules apply to those who have submitted a visitor’s application and have been approved and added to the prisoner’s visitor list. They will have to have a JPay account, for which they must have the DOC number of the inmate, and internet access on a personal computer.

Visitors may arrive at the Center 15 minutes before visitation hours. Visitors must sign in at the PCO with their name, vehicle details such as make, model and license plate number and the name of the inmate. They will be required to submit the vehicle keys at the PCO control booth in exchange for a chit which must be returned at the exit. Visitors must leave behind their wallets, purses, credit cards, cell phones, watches, etc.

Visitors aged 18 years and above, need to present valid identification with a current photo and will have their hands stamped before entering the facility which they will need to show before departure. Visitors may use money or vending machine debit cards for vending machine purchases which can only be used by inmates with prior approval from Correctional Officer.

Visitors are allowed to carry with them any medication or medical equipment they may require only if they provide proof of prescription or medically authorized need. A small comb or brush, reading glasses, and non-reflective sunglasses are allowed for facilities providing outside visits.

Rules for bringing Infants and Service dogs

Infants and toddlers (up to 36 months) visiting the facility, are allowed to carry items stored in clear plastic bottles or containers along with a minimum quantity of bibs, pacifiers, blankets, disposable diapers, and baby wipes. Nursing mothers may be asked to relocate, while nursing, to either another room identified by the facilities employees or, may be asked to nurse in the visiting area modestly.

Service dogs will be allowed in the facility along with disabled visitors only if they meet the requirements mentioned under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The dog owners are responsible for feeding and cleaning up the dog’s waste. Dogs must be on a leash at all times and must not be allowed to interact with any other visitors or the inmates.

Cedar Creek Corrections Center Washington

Appropriate Clothing and Behavior during Visits:

The visitors must also maintain clothing standards, which have a conservative nature, to ensure the safety and security of all individuals and promote a positive environment. The Visiting Sergeant/Shift Commander/Designee will finally decide if the visitors’ clothing is appropriate according to the guidelines set. No modification in clothing is allowed post-screening and if any visitor is found breaking the rules, they may have their visit denied.

No criminal activity, carrying dangerous weapons or objects, alcohol, marijuana, and illegal drugs or people who have consumed these will be allowed during visiting periods. Any threatening, disrespectful or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Physical contacts, such as brief hugs and kisses, are only permitted before and at the end of a visit. Hand holding will only be allowed if it is within view. Conversations between the visitor and inmate should be pleasant and quiet.

Cedar Creek Corrections Center Inmate Locator

The Cedar Creek Correction Center inmate locator is a tool used to search for the incarcerated individuals by their full name and Department of Corrections (DOC) number. The DOC is a 6-digit identification number assigned to each inmate. You can find an inmate’s DOC number by entering details of the inmate’s First and Last name and/or the facility to which he is incarcerated.

In case you need to lookup an inmate in the whole of the United States and are unaware of the DOC number or the facility to which he is incarcerated, you can check out 'GoLookUp'. This is an updated online service that provides you information regarding an incarcerated inmate by just entering their First and Last name. If you are unaware of the specific state they are sent to, you can search in all the states.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!