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Centinela State Prison Information

The Centinela State Prison is a jail for men only, located in California. The prison has an aim towards reforming and guiding individuals to the right path, either by training them in the necessary fields or by helping them through education. Housing multiple classes of criminals, the Centinela State Prison is attached with a hospital, firehouse, and a rehabilitation program aimed at successfully guiding wayward prisoners.

Contact Information

+1 760-337-7900

Number of Inmates

The Centinela State Prison is designed to hold a total of 2,383 inmates, but its occupancy rates are usually higher. In 2008, it had a population of 5,097, and an occupancy rate of 213%. On March 2018, the inmate population was calculated to being around 3,318, at an occupancy rate of 143.8%.


Imperial, CA, 92251.

2302, Brown Road.

Mailing Information

Mailing the Institution: Imperial, CA 92251- 0731. PO Box 731.

Mailing Inmates

  • Facility A- Imperial CA 92251- 0901. PO Box 901.
  • Facility B- Imperial, CA 92251- 0911. PO Box 911.
  • Facility C- Imperial, CA 92251- 0921. PO Box 921.
  • Facility D and E- Imperial, CA 92251- 0931. PO Box 931.
Centinela State Prison

Visiting Hours

The Centinela State Prison is open for visitation on the weekends, that is Saturday and Sunday. In addition to this, the four annual calendar holidays, including New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are also open for visitors to visit their loved ones in jail. The time for a visit usually begins by 7:30 am or 8:00 am, and continues on till 2:00 pm or 3: pm. Ties vary according to the number of visitors.


(916) 322- 0500


(760) 337- 7900

Warden Information

The current warden of Centinela State Prison is Raymond Madden, who has held the position since 2016. Previously the acting warden of the prison, Madden has served in various positions since joining in 2010, including the acting warden, chief deputy warden, and the associate warden.

Management Information

As of 2008, Centinela State Prison was reported to have a staff of 1,266 people, and a working budget of over $160 million. The management of the place is thus heavy handed and precise, with the prisoners having nothing to complain about.

Institutional Programs

Institutional programs are those which help rehabilitate the inmate after his stint in prison, through a skilled craft. Institutional programs include the following:

  • Training in electrical appliances
  • Office and technology related training
  • Maintenance work of buildings
  • Repair of small engines
  • Training in auto mechanics and auto parts
  • Training of electronic appliances
  • Welding and roofing
 Centinela State Prison Inmates

Academic Programs

Academic programs are designed to teach the inmates, helping them to get rehabilitated in a particular field after being released from prison. These programs include:

  • Basic Education for Adults, including Standards I, II, and III.
  • General Educational Development
  • Education programs that inmates can voluntarily enroll in.
  • Self-study by the inmates, which promotes self- reliance and independence in them.

Other Programs

Other miscellaneous programs include the following departments of study:

  • Service crew
  • Religious programs
  • Alternative to Violence programs
  • Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous
  • Conflict Resolution Workshops
  • "Life Without a Crutch" Workshop
  • "Cage Your Rage" Workshop
  • Choice Theory and Internal Empowerment Coaching
  • Kairos Christian Fellowship Program
  • TUMI Discipline Scholarship

How to Find an Inmate in Centinela State Prison

One of the best ways to find an inmate is by calling the Identification Unit at (916) 445- 6713, or by faxing them. To do so, the individual will need the name of the inmate, their date of birth, and their CDCR Identification Number. This facility is available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm every day. In addition, the information on a prisoner can also be found using the online CDCR Inmate Locator.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 30, 2021
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