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Central Virginia Correctional Unit #13 Profile and Valuable Information

Central Virginia Correctional Unit #13 History

Central Virginia correctional unit 13 is a correctional facility located in Virginia which primarily houses female inmates. This facility was opened in 1971 and its exact location is in Chesterfield. At a given point in time, this facility houses around 260 female offenders who have been placed in the same for various offenses. Central Virginia correctional unit 13’s history is quite a rich one. The cost that this facility incurs per year is about $21,600 per inmate, which is not a lot.

The interesting thing about this facility is that it offers work programs for inmates that are eligible to partake in them. Central Virginia correctional unit 13 is a medium correctional facility. In other words, the inmates present in this facility pose a medium risk to public safety and thus, the restrictions on their freedom and privileges are there but not as great as restrictions imposed on inmates present in close custody facilities.

Central Virginia Correctional Unit #13

Central Virginia correctional unit 13 has a telephone number and can be contacted at the same.

Central Virginia Correctional Unit #13 Phone number and address

The phone number in question is (804)-796-4277. One can call them at any time to procure information about the facility or the inmates that it houses.

Central Virginia correctional unit 13 is located on the 6900 courthouse road in Chesterfield, VA. The pin code is 23832.

Central Virginia Correctional Unit #13 Inmate programs

The facility also offers various programs that are designed to ease the rehabilitation of inmates back in society. The most challenging task that most prison facilities face today is to ensure that the inmate is sensitized and equipped with skills that would help him or her settle in the society upon their release.

To tackle this task, prison systems have introduced various programs and Central Virginia correctional unit 13 is no different. There, during their incarceration, inmates receive culinary art classes which help them equip themselves with skills that are vital for their survival in the society. They also receive substance abuse treatment, individual and group therapy. Employment in warehouses and print shops are also available in this facility through the Virginia Correctional Enterprise program.

Central Virginia correctional unit 13 does have some criteria which an inmate has to meet if she has to be housed here. Kidnapping, murder, abduction or sex offenses are crimes for which the female offenders cannot be housed here if they're convicted for them. Moreover, it is essential for the inmates do not have any disciplinary infractions going back to two years and there should be no record of them having tried to flee from any correctional facility. Due to a lack of serious offenders, the facility has been labeled a medium custody facility.

Central Virginia Correctional Unit #13 Visiting hours and rules

Visiting hours in Central Virginia correctional unit 13 change on a rotational basis. In other words, the schedule rotates on Saturday and Sunday. Due to this rotation of the schedule, the facility has to be contacted to procure information about the current schedule. One has to phone them and ask the timings and then go and meet the inmate.

Central Virginia Correctional Unit #13 Virginia

While visiting, one has to maintain decorum and cooperate with the officials present in the facility. The cooperation is necessary is to ensure smooth meet-ups with the inmates. One can also mail the inmates present in the facility using the following format:

Inmate Name, ID number

Central Virginia Correctional Unit

6900 Courthouse Road

Chesterfield, VA 23832

All in all, Central Virginia Correctional Unit 13 is a secure and smooth functioning facility with qualified officials and inmates who do not pose that much risk to the society. To ensure that one can easily meet up with inmates without any hassle, one should contact the facility before going there. As mentioned before, their rotational visiting schedule can be hard to follow sometimes. Thus, contacting them beforehand is recommended.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!