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Cheshire Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

The Department of Corrections of the State of Connecticut manages an incarceration facility called the Cheshire Correctional Institution, in the county of New Haven. The history of the place rewinds to 1909 when construction began on the building that was to become the institution later. The proposal was pushed forward by the Connecticut General Assembly.

The Wethersfield State Prison inmates helped to build a part of the building. Construction was completed in 1913 when the prison was inaugurated as the Chester Reformatory. It was a reform facility for young boys between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four. The idea behind this was to segregate youth inmates from the adult ones. An additional structure was built in 1956. In 1982, the prison was reassigned as a detention center for adult inmates. In 1993, the North and South blocks, two new structures, opened for use. 1998 saw the opening of a brand new residential unit that had a commissary.

Cheshire Correctional Institution
Currently, the institution can accommodate approximately 1,600 inmates. The institution incarcerates sentenced prisoners on a long-term basis. There are specific housing units, such as protective custody units and restrictive residential units at this facility too. There are four inmate residential units on a land area that spans twenty-five acres. The Cheshire Correctional Institution employs a positive reinforcement system of giving rewards to inmates who earn them by self-betterment and positive progress.

Many programs are made available at the Cheshire Correctional Institution, to aid inmates in self-improvement. These are in the form of religious and educational programs, training in tr
ades and addiction alleviation services. The vocational education unit runs various enterprises involving nonprofit organizations, including refurbishing bicycles (inmates work on these) and donating them to schools in the vicinity. As of February 2020, the institution contains 1181 inmates and 428 staff. The warden is Kenneth Butrick's, and there are two deputy wardens, Jennifer Peterson and Jesus Guadarrama. The security level of the prison is at level 4.

Cheshire Correctional Institution In the News

The Cheshire Correctional Institution has had its fair share of controversial news. In 2018, after breaking up with his girlfriend, an inmate of the institution, Luis Clarke, escaped by scaling a razor-sharp wire fence. He made his getaway in a stolen pizza delivery van. This happened on Halloween night, making police extremely anxious about children being out and about, and the obvious danger of having a convict on the loose. Fortunately, he was caught hours later, and new sentencing meant that he’d spend time behind bars for much longer now. In other news, in 2019, after fearing possible exposure to the drug, fentanyl, six staff members of the Cheshire Correctional Institution tested negative.

 Cheshire Correctional Institution Connecticut

Cheshire Correctional Institution Useful information

The following is useful information regarding the Cheshire Correctional Institution:

  • Address: Cheshire Correctional Institution, 900 Highland Avenue, Cheshire, CT 06410
  • Phone: (203) 651-6069
  • Mailing address: This is the same as the street address mentioned above, except that the name of the inmate and the ID number must be written. Padded envelopes are not permitted as they may pose a security risk and slow down the delivery of mail.
  • Visitation: Before visiting an inmate, one must be placed on the inmate’s visiting list which is pre-approved. This list is made by inmates as soon as they’re imprisoned. The inmate has to inform the visitor that he/she has been put on the list. All visitors must fill out and submit an application form before visiting an inmate. This has to be approved. As this can take some time, wardens have the discretion to permit a visit for two immediate family members. Visitation is permitted on almost all days of the week at designated times, depending on the inmate’s status and residence. Inmates in the North Blocks can have visitors on Saturday and Sunday only. One can check the details of visitation on One can check at for details of inmates and other relevant information.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
Sensitive Information!