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Colorado Department of Corrections Profile and Valuable Information

About the department

If one visits the Colorado Department of Corrections job page (, one will find a simple, yet meaningful message in its "Vision" statement. It says, "Building a safer Colorado for today and tomorrow". This idea comes from a place of the best intent. This may be the reason why Colorado is one of the states in America with incarceration rates on the higher side of the spectrum. It is also the state with some of the oldest and largest correctional facilities in America, besides being one of the states holding a substantial amount of the deadliest felons in the world. It is one of the 29 states in the U.S. that retains the death penalty.

The first execution in the State of Colorado was that of John Stoefel, hanged in 1859. This was the punishment carried out till the year, 1934, when the State of Colorado switched to the gas chamber as its death penalty technique. Since 1988, and till today, the method of execution for criminals who have been given the death penalty, is death by lethal injection ( The last time the death penalty was executed in the State of Colorado (execution of Gary Davis by lethal injection) was in 1997 ( Currently, there is a move to do away with the death penalty, but some legislators still support this method of execution.

Colorado Department of Corrections
As of this year, three men are on "death row" at the Colorado State Penitentiary; Robert Ray, Nathan Dunlap, and Sir Mario Owens. Today, the main body of the government of the State of Colorado, overseeing the management and operations of state correctional facilities, is the department of corrections. With its headquarters in Colorado Springs and several prisons (non-profit and profit, and closed facilities) under its purview, its history goes way back to colonial times. The history of the Colorado Department of Corrections can be traced to when the state was run by the Territorial Legislature in 1868. Under this agency, the state imprisoned its first prisoner at the Colorado Territorial Penitentiary in 1871. This detention facility is alive and well, and holds inmates, to this day.

It goes by the name of the Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility (Canon City) today. Colorado became the thirty-eighth state to join the Union in 1876, and since then, starting with the construction of a women's prison, Colorado's state prisons began functioning and developing. In 1903, in Denver, one of the earliest juvenile courts in America saw the light of day. The first judge to honor this court was Ben B. Lindsey. A court established in Chicago served as the inspiration for this court.

The main concentration was on the rehabilitation of juvenile detainees, rather than corporal punishment. Today, Judge Lindsey's advocacy of justice for youth offenders remains as a legacy and a reminder; the Colorado Department of Corrections runs a Youth Offender System, in which juvenile criminals go directly into rehabilitation facilities and treatment programs.

Prisons run by the Colorado Department of Corrections

Some of the state-run prisons managed by the Colorado Department of Prisons are as follows:

  • Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility (Ordway, Colorado)
  • Buena Vista Correctional Facility (an old facility in Buena Vista, Colorado)
  • Centennial Correctional Facility (Canon City, Colorado)
  • Colorado State Penitentiary (Canon City, Colorado)
  • Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility ( the oldest prison complex in the state, in Canon City, Colorado)
  • Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center (Denver, Colorado; this is a center that is a holding facility that inmates go to first, before they are designated the actual location where they will serve a sentence)
  • Denver Women's Correctional Facility (Denver, Colorado)
  • Fremont Correctional Facility (Canon City, Colorado)
  • Skyline Correctional Center (Canon City, Colorado)
  • Youth Offender System (Pueblo, Colorado)
Colorado Department of Corrections history

One of the profit-yielding facilities of the Department of Corrections is the Crowley County Correctional Facility, among others. Closed, non-operational prisons, or those that have been designated as having a status other than a correctional facility, are Fort Lyon (now a rehabilitation center) and High Plains Correctional Facility.

Important details about the Colorado Department of Corrections

The address of the Colorado Department of Corrections is The Colorado Department of Corrections, 1250 Academy Park Loop, Colorado Springs, CO 80910, United States. The phone number is (719) 226-4991. Every prison and detention facility, under the management of the Colorado Department of Corrections, has its own rules and regulations, and other detailed information (visitation, addresses, phone numbers, programs, etc.) specific to a facility in question, can be obtained on You can also find out about an inmate on

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2022
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