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Deer Ridge Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

Managed by the Oregon Department of Corrections, Deer Ridge Correctional Institution is an all-male state prison located in Madras, Jefferson County, Oregon. This prison was opened in September 2017 and is one of the newest prisons that have been established by the state. Deer Ridge Correctional Institution has a mixture of medium and minimum level inmates with 774 minimum-security inmates and 1,228 medium-security inmates.

All staff members of the prison work together to receive and help in the orientation process of all inmates that come to the institution. They also come up with specific plans that are meant to help inmates readjust back into society. The evaluation of an inmate is based on their education, life skills, and their treatment. Inmates are also encouraged to take part in different programs provided within the facility.

Deer Ridge Correctional Institution

Deer Ridge Correctional Institution Visiting Hours

All relatives and friends of inmates are encouraged to visit their loved ones inside the institution as often as possible. Visitation helps an inmate to stay connected with the outside world and it also helps them to adjust within the prison walls. All visitors are also requested to make an appointment and familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations that are followed within Deer Ridge Correctional Institute so they are prepared.

All visits to the institution occur on:

  • Fridays - 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays: 7:15 am to 10:15 am / 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

The ‘Visit Room Homework Program’ is a special program for those inmates who have children. On Saturdays between 1:00 pm to 4:00, the children of inmates can bring their homework and assignments from school and complete it with their fathers. Since this program is a special visit program, applications need to be made beforehand with the facility via phone call.

For those who want to locate the details of an inmate within the facility, is the perfect site to browse.

Deer Ridge Correctional Institution Inmate Programs

Depending on the inmate that is incarcerated within Deep Ridge Correctional Institution, different programs are suggested to him. Inmates are required to be a part of and apply for the different programs for their good. All the programs are meant to help inmates become better versions of themselves. The programs are structured in a way to help inmates become contributing members of society upon their release.

Some of the different inmate programs along with their descriptions are as follows:

  • Education Program - This program is for those inmates who do not have a basic education or a high-school level education. The educational background of an inmate is first analyzed after which this program is suggested to them. This program is compulsory for those who want to do a vocational program but who do not have the academics to support them.
  • Employment Program - There are several small employment options that are present for inmates. Tasks like food, kitchen, cleaning, etc. are the primary employment options.
  • Life Skills - This is a program that teaches inmates the necessary life skills that can help sustain them in society. Communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, focus, and other major life skill topics are taught.
  • Reading for the Blind Program - The objective of this program is to give inmates the ability to give back to society in a compassionate way. Inmates in this program hold a session for reading to the blind.
  • Religious Services - This program is for inmates to reconnect with religion. Inmates get help by finding sanctuary within the religious group that they are part of and by doing religious services for the same.
  • Vocational Skills - This program is to help inmates learn and practice different vocational skills that will come in use once they are released from prison. It is through these skills that inmates can get a job and earn a livelihood for themselves.
  • Substance Abuse Program - This program is also known as ‘About Con-Quest’ and deals with those inmates who are known to substance abuse. Teaching inmates how to not relapse, providing a positive environment for them to be in and helping them prevent abuse in the future are some of the aspects that are covered within the program.
  • There is a special program for women with substance abuse and trauma abuse within the institution. This program helps inmates to understand the result of their actions on loved ones, and it helps them to understand the root cause of substance abuse and completely eradicate it over time.
Deer Ridge Correctional Institution Oregon

Deer Ridge Correctional Institution Contact Details

Address: Deer Ridge Correctional Institution, 3920 East Ashwood Road, Madras, Oregon, 97741.

Phone Number: (541)-325-5999

Mailing Address: Inmate’s Name & ID Number, Deer Ridge Correctional Institution, 3920 East Ashwood Road, Madras, Oregon, 97741.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!