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Elayn Hunt Correctional Center Profile and Valuable Information

The Elayn Hunt Correctional Center is a Louisiana state prison with a multi-security level for adult male inmates that is situated in St. Gabriel, Louisiana. This is the second-largest jail in Louisiana state. Elayn Hunt Correctional Center history goes back to 1979 when it was opened.

The main objective of the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center is to provide a well-controlled correctional environment professionally to protect the community, the general population, and the staff. It has a prison cemetery where unclaimed state prisoners are buried. This correctional center promotes and prepares the inmates for a better life when they get back to society.

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center Mail And Visitation Rules

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center visiting hours are only on Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 3 PM. For the first thirty days, after the inmate enters the correctional center, only family members are allowed to visit on a fixed time, which must be pre-scheduled by the inmate. The request must be written by the offender and submitted to the unit manager before the desired visit.

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center

After thirty days, all the visitors must be on the approved visitor's list to continue the visit. The individuals can be added to the official visiting list after they complete the questionnaire which is sent by the inmate. If the individual does not revert the completed questionnaire within thirty days to the correctional center authority their visiting privileges will end.

The correctional center has the policy to provide inmates the opportunity to meet all the persons on their official visitor's list. The meeting time may be limited.

When you visit the correctional center to meet the inmate, you should carry a valid photo ID with you. You can carry vehicle keys, cash money for a vending machine, and the debit card for a JPAY kiosk machine.

Inmate Mailing Address

Name and DOC number

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center

P.O. Box 174

St. Gabriel, LA 70776

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center Address

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center

6925 Highway 74

St. Gabriel, LA 70776

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center Phone Number

(225) 642-3306

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center Inmate Programs

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center provides a lot of job opportunities to its offenders. These jobs help the offenders to serve the institution, the surrounding community, and the Department of Public Safety and Corrections. The center also offers job skills for the future.

There are numerous educational programs at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center. In terms of academics, there is a literacy program, a basic adult education course that is designed to improve mathematics skills and reading ability. It offers a preparatory course called High School Equivalency (HSE) which makes the offender eligible to appear in the HiSET test. The special needs program trained inmates who do not have enough academic training to be a part of the vocational education program.

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center Louisiana

Baton Rouge Community College offers programs to sharpen the skills in carpentry, welding, refrigeration, and air conditioning. This correctional center also offers ServSafe and Job-Life skills training.

The correctional center offers certifications to the qualifying inmates. The certifications such as HVAC/EPA Certification for AC technicians, OPEESA Small Engine Technician Certification, OSHA general industry certification, and NCCER module credits.

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center Inmate Locator

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!