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Federal Detention Center Profile and Valuable Information

The Federal Detention Center in Houston, Texas is a federal prison with both male and female inmates population. This prison is the initial holding area for inmates before and during court proceedings. Once the final sentencing has been passed they will be assigned to correctional centers as per the prerogative of the court. Inmates serving short sentences are also housed at the Federal Detention Center. The facility opened for operations in October 1999 and can accommodate about 1118 prisoners.

The Federal Detention Center is an agency that takes pride in its vision and mission to make the center a facility that is cost-efficient, humane and secure. The Federal Detention Center boasts of a 34% rate of Recidivism. This impressive figure is maintained by helping inmates rebuild their lives through various programs and other undertakings. Additionally, it has a dedicated team of employees that help the Federal Detention Center reach great heights.

Federal Detention Center

Federal Detention Center Inmate Programs:

Education: The Federal Detention Center provides various educational classes such as English, parenting, wellness education and library services. A majority of the inmates are not educated and thus, successfully acquiring a GED or General Education Development is paramount. In order to get a GED, inmates are required to attend a literacy program that extends to 240 hours.

Additionally, vocational and occupational training programs are conducted with the sole aim of training inmates with skills that will be helpful on their discharge. On-the-job training while still on prison campus in collaboration with the Federal Prison Industries helps inmates prepare themselves with hands-on training which helps them to become competent enough to get a job almost immediately after their release. A specialization program or a post-secondary education program in vocational and occupational skills are also in induction. This helps inmates become experts in their chosen line of work. thus helping them get a job easily.

A library is also in place with a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, newspapers and other reference materials. Access to legal books, case material, and documents related to various cases are also available in the library. This can help inmates study their cases and help solve problems and roadblocks pertaining to their own case.

Mental Health Program: A professional team of psychologists, psychiatrists and support staff are present at the Federal Detention Center to provide a comprehensive mental health treatment program. Counseling and mental health treatment sessions are functional throughout the week. This program is also available to the staff, security guards and other employees of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Suicide Prevention: The mental health team at the bureau takes this aspect of mental health very seriously. Thus a vibrant program is in place that diligently educates inmates on suicide prevention. Training, counseling, and discussion on suicide are done at regular intervals. The mental health staff is constantly looking out for inmates prone to suicidal thoughts. Thus, crisis intervention and support services are constantly monitoring and studying the inmate population for clues of possible suicidal thoughts or suicidal attempts.

Family members and friends of inmates are also trained to interpret suicidal tendencies in their loved ones. Indications and traces of suicidal tendencies are always evident through letters, telephone conversations, emails or visits and therefore, relatives are encouraged to report such conversations to the mental health team as early as possible.

Federal Detention Center Texas

Contacting the Federal Detention Center:

Physical and Postal address:

Federal Bureau of Prisons

32 First St. NW

Washington, DC 20532

Phone: (202) 307-3198

Note: The bureau has many locations and buildings located all over Texas. For specific requests, you will have to identify the location through the website and call on the corresponding number.

Federal Detention Center Inmate Search

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
Sensitive Information!