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Florida State Prison

Florida State Prison (FSP) also known as Raiford Prison. Union Correctional Institution, FSP is formerly Florida State Prison East Unit. It is one of the largest prisons with a maximum inmate population of 1400. FSP houses male death row inmates and it has 3 death row blocks, a state’s execution chamber. It is the only prison in Florida that’s officially named prison. While rest all are named as correctional institutions/correctional facilities.

Contact Information

You can contact FDCat below-mentioned address or telephone to the number given below.

501 South Calhoun Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399-2500

Ph: (850)488-5021

Number of Inmates
The capacity of Florida state prison alone is 1460. FSP has the largest capacity with the largest inmate population.


To visit Florida State Prison you can follow the below- mentioned address.

23916 NW 83rd Ave

Raiford, Florida


Florida State Prison

Mailing Information

Communicate FSP via following postal address:

Post Office Box 800

Raiford, Florida


If you want to send a postal card to an inmate, you can send to the postal address by mentioning inmate full name and DC number.

Visitation hours

You can meet any inmate by visiting the premises between 9:00 am to 3:00 pm EST. Florida State Prison encourage family reunification and allow the identified persons to visit the offender. Yet, it follows a strict rule of the search procedure. Even minor children are searched before they visit the offender. This ensures the safety of visitors, inmates, staff and public.

FSP provides Fax number (904)368-2732 to send and receive official fax

A phone number is provided for official communication purpose


Chaplain – (904)368-8894

Warden Information

Barry Reddish is the warden of FSP. He handles the safety and security of the prison. Also, he administrates the prison with prison policies. Moreover, he must manage the activities of correctional facilities. Mail him either to his personal mail or to official warden mail

Management Information

Florida State Prison is managed by (FDC) Florida Department of Corrections. FDC operates Florida state prisons. FDC has its headquarters at Tallahassee. In the US, FDC is the lowest-paid and operates 3rd largest state prison system. FDC was formed in 1978 and has employees exceeding 20,000.

Programs Offered

FSP includes institutional, academic, and other programs to provide mental health services and develop career & education.

 State Prison Florida

Institutional Programs

100-hour Transition Program, Alcoholics Anonymous, Anger & Stress Management, Career Scope Assessment, Choices Career Planner, Frest Start Smoking Cessation, Law Library Program, Narcotics Anonymous, Social Skills, Weight Training, Wellness Education.

Academic Programs

Adult Basic Education (Close Management), Choices Career Planner, Continuing Education (Close Management), General Education Development (GED) (Close Management), Inmate Teaching Assistant Program (ITA), Ready to Work, Special Education Services (Close Management).

Other Programs

It includes Chaplaincy Services – Alcoholics Anonymous, Chapel Library Program, Holy Day Observation, Personal Growth Programs, Religious Education, Religious TV Reception, Special Events, Spiritual Advisor Visits, Volunteer Program, Worship Services.

Florida State Prison Inmate Search

To find an inmate, you need to know about his details like full name and DC number. DC number is the six-digit number allotted to an inmate for easy identification. It might be either numeric or alphanumeric.

It displays offender data. It does not include status, release date and any other information of the offender. It only includes current offense and prior offense. Also, it includes the offender sentenced to state prison or state supervision prison.

Florida State Prison Inmate Search
If you are unable to perform a Florida state prison inmate search with the method mentioned above, you can also use online inmate search directories, such as GoLookUp. Information about most Florida state inmates is available in public records, so you can find out if someone that you are looking for is held in the facility.

To perform a Florida state prison inmate search with an online inmate search directory, you must provide the first name and the last name of the person that you are searching for. Once the directory of your choosing has this piece of information, it will begin to scan public records, including police records and criminal records, to find the data about the said person.

At the end of the query, you will receive a report about the individual you are searching for that includes their arrest records and additional criminal records data. You will also be able to see in the individual you are searching for is currently held at Florida state prison. If the latest information available in the report is the booking data from the arrest, you will be able to contact the arresting authority and inquire about the whereabouts of Florida state prison inmates. Most online inmate search services allow you to perform unlimited Florida state prison inmate search queries, so if you have misspelled a name, you can perform additional searches. Also, you can use additional online directories, as a people search, to perform a Florida state prison inmate search and find people who are possibly incarcerated in the facility.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!