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Georgia State Prison Information

It appears that evil-minded folks are taking better advantage of the advancements on the technological front than any other group. That is the reason they are adopting new, unique, and innovative ways to commit crimes. Of course, the law enforcing departments are also changing their strategies suitably to prevent criminals from carrying out their activities. In fact, the aim of law enforcing departments is not only to prevent crimes but to bring about a positive transformation in criminals so that they change their attitude and lead normal lives as other people. Prisons are a part of this process. We have heard of a number of convicts becoming good and responsible citizens after serving their terms in prisons.

In the USA, the Federal government and the governments of the states have put in place correctional facilities as well along with prisons. These correctional facilities focus mainly on bringing about a metamorphosis in the attitude and outlook of the convicts. Let us now look at some of the salient points about the state prison of the state of Georgia.

Georgia State Prison Contact Information

Those who want to contact the Georgia state prison can use the phone number +1 912-557-7301.

The Number of Inmates

The capacity of the Georgia state prison is around 1,500. The number of inmates in it is around 1,400.

Georgia State Prison Address

300, 1st Ave South, Reidsville, GA, United States.

Georgia State Prison Inmates
Mailing Information

Those who want to send a letter to an inmate should address their letters as follows:

Inmate Name, ID Number

​Georgia State Prison

300 1st Ave South

Reidsville, GA 30453.

Georgia State Prison Visiting Hours

Visitation hours are between 9 AM and 3 PM on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays recognized by the state.

The fax number and phone number of the Georgia state prison.

The phone number of the prison is +1 912-557-7301.

Warden Information

At present, Linton Deloach is holding the position of the warden of the Georgia state prison.

Management Information

Georgia state prison also called the Rogers State Prison is a medium-security prison for men and is being managed by the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Institutional Programs, Academic Programs, Other Programs

The authorities of the Georgia state prison have put in place an Inmate Services Division that offers several programs for rehabilitating the inmates of the prison. Some of the institutional, academic, and other programs offered are Academic Education programs, Chaplaincy Services programs, Risk Reduction Services programs, Residential Substance Abuse Treatment programs, Transitional Services programs, and Vocational training programs.

State Prison Georgia
How to Find an Inmate in the Georgia State Prison

For finding an inmate in the Georgia state prison, you should visit the "offender query" page of the website of the prison. You should give your consent for agreeing to the terms and conditions stipulated on the page. Once you enter the details such as the ID of the inmate, name, etc., the website will provide you with the details.

A few other details about Georgia state prison

It was during the year 1938 the Georgia state prison was first opened. A glance into the history of the facility will reveal that there were a few very dangerous inmates who served their terms in this prison. The facility has varied security levels that range between Minimum and Close. The prison is located at 300 1st Avenue South near Reidsville, Georgia that is just a mile away from Rogers State Prison, that is the massive farm operation of the state.

The history of the facility also reveals that the building was renovated extensively and expanded several times since it was designed by Tucker & Howell, architects from Altlanta and opened in 1937.

A few interesting details about Georgia State Prison

  1. This was the first facility to get accreditation from the American Medical Association and also from the American Correctional Association.
  2. The 1974 film, The Longest Yard, in which popular stars such as Burt Reynolds, James Hampton, and Eddie Albert acted, was shot in this facility.
  3. Some of the notable prisoners who served their terms in this prison were Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and H. Rap Brown, a radical activist. Dr. King was transferred to this facility from the County Jail in Decatur, Georgia. Interestingly, he was released on a bond of $2,000 after the Kennedy family exerted pressure on the government.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 8, 2022
Sensitive Information!