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Hamilton Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

Located within Jasper City, Hamilton County, Florida is Hamilton Correctional Institutions; a state prison for men that is owned by the Florida Department of Corrections. This state prison is a ranked level IV facility that is home to minimum, medium and closed custody inmates. In total, the facility can accommodate around 1,180 inmates at any given time and it has special programs that inmates can opt for throughout their term there.

Hamilton Correctional Institution first opened in the year 1987. There is an adjacent Hamilton Annex that opened in 1995 that has a capacity of holding an additional 1408 inmates.

Hamilton Correctional Institution Visiting Hours and Rules

Hamilton Correctional Institution strongly believes that visitation by loved ones, be it family or friends is an important part of the correctional process of all inmates. Though visiting is important, there is a process that must be followed by all those who have come to the correctional center for visitation purposes. All visitors are required to carry their identification cards at all times.

Visitation hours at Hamilton Correctional Institution is on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 3 pm. Any visitor should register with the facility by 2 pm on visitation days so that they can enter the facility. Registrations for visits are closed by 2 pm and entries are not allowed after it.

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Hamilton Correctional Institution
Hamilton Correctional Institution Dress Code

All visitors are required to dress appropriately as per the dress code within the facility. A list of clothing that is not permitted within the facility include:

  • Clothes that are skin-tight
  • Shoes that come with removable parts
  • Any type of fishnet clothing
  • Any type of see-through fabric
  • T-shirts and tops that are underwear-type
  • Halter tops or any form of bra-less attire
  • Shorts, skirts or dresses that are more than three inches above the knee
  • Clothes that portray a threatening or inappropriate picture or language
  • Camouflage clothes
  • Any type of clothing that has metal in it

Entering Hamilton Correctional Institute

Visitors are usually briefly questioned, searched with a metal detector, pat searched and barrier searched before they are allowed to enter Hamilton Correctional Institution. All these processes are followed by every visitor for the safety of the inmates, the visitor and the staff of the institution.

Visitors who wish to use the restroom within the institution are subjected to be pat searched again upon entering/exiting. All visitors are required to report any suspicious activity or rule violations to any staff member to maintain a safer environment within the facility.

Hamilton Correctional Institution Florida
Hamilton Correctional Institution Inmates Programs

Inmates residing within Hamilton Correctional Institute can apply for several inmate programs that differ from one another in terms of variety. Some of the different programs that are offered include:

  • Academic Programs - These programs are meant to help inmates get educated on various topics. The program includes Adult Basic Education or General Educational Development (GED).

  • Institutional Betterment Program - This is a type of recreational activity program for inmates. A 100-hour transition course, law library program, library program, sports leagues, wellness education and thinking for a change program are some of the different programs that inmates can choose from.

  • Vocational Programs - The chance to learn different vocational skills is presented in the form of this program to inmates. They get a chance to learn the skill of cabinet making, masonry brick and block stacking skills and the chance to learn how to fix and work with different types of electrical appliances.

  • Chaplaincy Services - This program is inclined towards catering to the aspects of the religion of inmates. Inmates get a chance to be a part of the Chapel Library Program, learn about religion or Religious Education Programs and also take part in Worship Services.

Hamilton Correctional Institution Contact Details:

Address: 10650 S.W. 46th Street, Jasper, Florida.

Phone Number: (386) 792-5151

Email Address:

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!