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Hardeman County Correctional Center Profile and Valuable Information

The Hardeman County Correctional Center is located in Whiteville at Hardeman County, Tennessee. The facility has a capacity of close to 2000 inmates. The Hardeman County Correctional Center is a medium-security facility run by CoreCivic which is a private corrections firm. The facility has a curriculum that offers one of the best rehabilitation and re-entry programs in the country.

Hardeman County Correctional Center Programs.

Education: The Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) has a fully accredited educational program recognized by the Tennessee Department of Education. The department has a wide range of academic and vocational programs in-store. It also provides inmates a well-stacked library in each of the correctional facilities in Tennessee. The department of education also has a team of highly qualified and dedicated teachers that work hard to bring education to the inmates through programs like the Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Career and Technical Education (CTE).

The Tennessee Department of Corrections deems higher level education as very important and therefore the TDOC collaborates with the Tennessee Higher Education Initiative (THEI) and the Lipscomb University to bring to the inmates an associate degree, a bachelors degree, and masters degree.

 Hardeman County Correctional Center Tennessee

Adult Basic Education (ABE): The ABE is an effective program designed to help and create opportunities to develop skills in mathematics, language, writing, science, and social studies. The classes are highly interactive, engaging and relevant. In order to pass from one level of studies to another, an inmate must undertake a test called the TABE or Test of Adult Basic Education. Every level an inmate is promoted brings about a more rigorous curriculum.

Career Technical Education (CTE): Career Technical Education offers a certification called the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). Industrial training and technical skills are imparted to inmates and after a proposed amount of instruction time, certificates are issued. Some of the programs that come under the Career Technical Education are Automotive Mechanical Technology, Barbering, Carpentry, Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CAD), Computer Applications & Literacy, Construction, Refrigeration, Electrical Core, etc.

Young Adult Offender Program (YAOP). The YAOP is a program serving young individuals between the ages of 18 and 26. This program runs for almost 24 months wherein a young offender develops social life skills and undertakes cognitive behavioral therapy. Some parts of this program are instructed by resident counseling assistant who is inmates that have successfully completed this program before.

Parole Technical Violators Diversion Program: A collaboration between the Tennessee Department of Corrections and the Tennessee Board of Parole has allowed better management and handling of parole technical violators. Violators reassigned to parole supervision and subsequent release is handled by the Parole Technical Violators Diversion program.

Hardeman County Correctional Center Reentry Programs and Services:

Reentry involves systematic care of an individual by identifying his risks and rectifying those risks before releasing him into society. Thus a treatment regime is custom designed for the individual while in prison, help shed those risks

Hardeman County Correctional Center Offender Trust Fund Account:

Money can be sent to an inmates' trust fund electronically through payment gateways such as JPay. This money can be used by the inmate to purchase items of their choice from the commissary. Other options available to send money are through money order. A walk-in Cash facility is also provided where one can walk into a MoneyGram agent location and remit the money which will be duly sent to the intended inmate.

Hardeman County Correctional Center

Hardeman County Correctional Center Visitation:

Visitors to Hardeman County Correctional Facility have to be at the facility, twenty minutes prior to the time allotted. The visits are usually scheduled during the weekends on Saturday and Sunday but if the offender did not receive a visit on the weekend, a visit on Monday can be arranged.

Physical Address:

Hardeman County Correctional Facility

 2520 Union Springs Road

 Whiteville, Tennessee 38075



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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!