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Hartford Correctional Center Profile and Valuable Information

Hartford Correctional Center is established at Hartford Connecticut and it houses over 1000 inmates, the majority of these inmates consist of pre-detainees. It is a high maximum security prison because of the high number of pre-trial adult males present. Hartford correctional center has a healthy environment both for the staff and the inmates because of their healthy ratio and various programs that are held for the inmates.

This prison is responsible for serving courts in Bristol, Manchester, Enfield, Middletown, New Britain, and Hartford. The prison is a branch of Connecticut Department of Corrections. The center conducts various classes in almost all subjects including Mathematics, general sciences, and social studies. Lots of programs including problem-solving and aptitude to help the inmates with their decision making capability.

Hartford Correctional Center
Hartford Correctional Center History

Situated around 10 acres, Hartford Correctional Center was opened in the year 1977, as a maximum-security prison that can house more than a thousand inmates. The first two dormitories opened around 1990 followed by the Dormitory three and four the next year.

The Hartford Correctional Centre was created to promote professionalism among inmates and staff, excellence and dignity among its employees.

Hartford has a high-security 12-bed Medical and Surgical Ward located at the University of Connecticut in Farmington. The hospital every year takes care of more than 360 inpatients and more than 2,300 outpatients. Hartford has also seen its share of controversies as three years after opening around 1980, they were sued by a few inmates alleging that the overcrowding of inmates led to widespread tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

Hartford Correctional Center phone number: (860)-240-1800

Hartford Correctional Center address: Located at 177 Weston Street, Hartford, Connecticut-06120.

Hartford Correctional Center Inmate Programs

Hartford supports a variety of programs for its inmates which ranges from learning capability, mindfulness to situation solving programs and general subjects.

Alcoholics Anonymous: A 12-Step Program for both men and women, helping them to cope with long term alcohol addiction through providing mutual support and helping each other to recover from addiction to alcohol. The meetings are held every week with Volunteers conducting, coordinating and supervising the meetings.

Employment Readiness Workshop: This workshop helps inmates get jobs ready after their release from the correctional facility. They provide a lot of tools, suggestions, and tips to help employees have success with their job search. An inmate can have a very difficult time to get employed as they have a criminal record against them. Life on Parole was documentary aired in CBS which showed the hardship Errol Bentley(a former inmate at Hartford Correctional facility) had to face because of his criminal records.

Anger Management Program: Program which was based upon research can help various inmates to tackle their anger and violent behavior. Lots of techniques like relaxation, cognitive and behavioral therapy are taught to help them relax and be calm.

Communication skills: Research shows that most inmates have a problem with their communication skills and hence cannot deliver their message to the recipient properly. This program is designed to help criminals with their communication and body language.

Hartford Correctional Center Visiting Hours: Visitors are greeted on first come first serve basis, where you have to sign up one hour before your visit. The visiting hours from Monday to Sunday are from 8 am to 10 pm. Wednesdays are for privileged visitors and are closed to the general visitor. For detailed visiting hours breakup visit Hartford Correctional Government portal.

Hartford Correctional Center Connecticut
Hartford Correctional Center mail and visitation rules

Visitors need to have prior contact with the facility to confirm his or her visiting schedule and have proper communication with the inmate before visiting them.

  • Current photo identification with all information like driver's license or state identification has to be shown by the visitor.
  • Cell phones or any other electronic device are not permitted inside.
  • Modestly dressed and proper attire should be maintained.
  • To mail an inmate at Hartford, you have to write their name and id number with the address stated above.

Hartford Correctional Center Inmate Locator is a huge database of all inmates, their background and their criminal record, which can be accessed at Golookup inmate search directory.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!