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Indian Creek Correctional Center Profile and Valuable Information

Virginia, a state in the United States of America with an estimated population of nine million. With such a high range of population, the chances of crime have also been increased and that increases the number of criminals. This means the requirement for prison also increases every day in this state.

Among several prisons in Virginia, there is a prison especially for men named Indian Creek Correctional Center which located in Chesapeake city in the state of Virginia. This facility was established in 1994 and managed by the Virginia Department of Corrections. This facility is mainly opened for the men who are mostly substance abusers. It is split into 6 housing units where inmates are housed in dormitory-style quarters. There is a maximum capacity of housing 1002 inmates in this facility at a time.

Indian Creek Correctional Center History:

According to the Indian Creek Correctional Center history, due to some incidents that occurred in the facility, the Virginia Department of Corrections had made some changes in the procedure of visitation by the public visitors in 2016.

Indian Creek Correctional Center

Indian Creek Correctional Center Address and Phone Number:

The Indian Creek Correctional Center phone number is available for the public all the time. (757)-421-0095 is the phone number of this facility where visitors can call and contact the inmates or make an appointment for the visit to the facility. This phone number is also utilized by the prisoners to contact their family members in an emergency.

This facility has different addresses for mailing or visit purposes. The Indian Creek Correctional Center address for visit purpose is 801 Sanderson Road, Chesapeake, VA 23328. The address which can be utilized for mailing purpose is P.O. Box 16481, Chesapeake, VA 23328-6481. The mailing address must have an inmate name and ID number so that the letter can reach the right prisoner.

Indian Creek Correctional Center Inmate Programs:

The Indian Creek Correctional Center inmate programs are best known for their largest substance abuse inmate programs in the country. These substance abuse programs at this facility include three stages. The initial stage at which the inmates start is considered to be the phase I. The gradually progress to phase III.

As the difficulty level of every stage increases, individual accountability also increases. During this program, the inmates are tested for drugs regularly and if they fail the test, they get eliminated from the program and shifted to other facilities for corrections. Additionally, the inmates at this facility participate in the Virginia Correctional Enterprise program that helps inmates to get employment in the plastic bag manufacturing operation and chemical manufacturing.

Indian Creek Correctional Center Virginia

Indian Creek Correctional Center Visitation Rules:

According to the revised Indian Creek Correctional visiting hours, there is a system of rotating weekend schedule every week. So, if anyone plans to visit this facility, they must contact the facility to know the current timing for visiting. Additionally, it is important to understand for every visitor to contact the facility and schedule their visit one day prior to their planned visit.

Also, every visitor must follow the Indian Creek Correctional Center mail and visitation rules. They must be dressed properly and have a valid ID proof with them. Every visitor must not have prohibited items during their visit to the facility. The age of each visitor must be above eighteen years and in the case of minors, they must be accompanied by their parents or a legally approved guardian. Every visitor should reach the facility around fifteen minutes prior to their approved visit timing.

If anyone finds difficulty in searching for an inmate, they can utilize the Indian Creek Correctional Center inmate locator. This is a very easy way to find inmates using their names. If someone finds it a difficult way of finding an inmate, they can utilize another way, which is known as GoLookUp inmate search directory. This is very helpful and easiest way of finding inmates.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!