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Indiana State Prison Information

Law enforcing authorities will never be short on motivation because they constantly face challenging situations. The main reason for such challenging situations is that criminals are always looking for and adopting unique and innovative methods to carry out their activities. This means law enforcing authorities and departments are always forced to be on their toes.

In this context, the opinion of experts that prisons act as an anchor in the processes of enforcing laws, protecting the citizens, and very importantly, correcting the attitude of the criminals and putting them back on the right track seems to be right. Just as all the countries of the world have put in place the best prison system, the law enforcing authorities and departments of the USA has also ensured to have a jail system that is of excellent quality. Of course, the governments of the states of the country stand shoulder to shoulder with the Federal government in implementing this system. Let us now look at some of the details about the Indiana State Prison.

Contact Information of the Indiana State Prison

Those who want to contact the Indiana state prison can do so by using the phone number +1 219-874-7256.

The number of inmates in the Indiana state prison.

The capacity of the prison is around 2,400 which means that there can be up to 2,400 to 2,500 inmates in it.

Indiana State Prison
Address of the Indiana State Prison

The address of the Indiana state prison is as follows:

1 Park Row St, Michigan City, IN 46360, USA.

Mailing information

Those who want to send letters to inmates can use the following information. They should write the name and the ID number of the inmate and write the address as ‚ÄčIndiana State Prison, P.O. Box 41, Michigan City, IN 46361.

Indiana State Prison Visitation

For visiting the prison, you should call 219-874-7256 and ensure that visitation is not canceled due to an emergency or a lockdown. If you are an attorney and if you want to visit an inmate, you can do so between 8 AM and 4 PM on any day. Registrations for visits should be done 30 minutes before the visiting time.

Fax and Phone number of the prison.

The phone number of the Indiana state prison is +1 219-874-7256.

Warden information.

Ron Neal is currently holding the position of the warden of the Indiana state prison.

Management Information
It is the Indiana Department of Correction that is managing and operating the Indiana state prison.

Institutional Programs, Academic Programs, and other programs offered by the Indiana state prison.

The Indiana Department of Correction is committed to rehabilitating the inmates and putting them into mainstream society as normal citizens. So, they are offering educational programs such as literacy education program, Test Assessing Secondary Completion Program, as well as vocational programs like business technology programs, cosmetology and barbering programs, those pertaining to building trades, master student and master employee programs, and those related to culinary arts. In addition, the apprenticeship program of the US Department of Labor is also available to the inmates.

Indiana  State Prison Contact Information

How to Find an Inmate in the Indiana State Prison

For finding an inmate, it is enough if you know his or her last name. But it is better if you know both the first and last names. If you know the ID number of the inmate, it is much better and easier. You can visit the website of the prison and do your search.

Some of the interesting details about the Indiana State Prison.

  1. The prison is a maximum-security prison. However, it houses minimum-security offenders as well.
  2. The state prison was established during the year 1860.
  3. All the male death-row criminals from the state are housed here.
  4. There was an ITV documentary with Trevor McDonald about this prison and the documentary was called "Inside Death Row."

History of the Indiana State Prison

The first state prison was located at Jeffersonville, Indiana and since the space in this prison was not sufficient, the legislature of the state offered $50,000 in 1859 for establishing a new prison in the city of Michigan. This new prison was called "State Prison West."

It was Charles Seely, the first warden and the general handyman of the prison, who supervised the construction of the prison in a sprawling area of 100 acres that was bought for $4,500. A year after the prison was opened, the authorities started prison labor as well for employing the inmates of the prison so that there is a transformation in their attitude and they become normal citizens.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
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