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Jessup Maryland Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

Maryland Correctional Institution is a medium-security prison facility for men that’s located in the region of Jessup, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The correctional center is across the street from the Jessup Correctional Institution (JCI) and the Dorsey Run Correctional Facility (DRCF). The state prison incarcerates about 1.040 adult males. The average time an inmate at Maryland Correctional Institute – Jessup is eight years. The center has a budget of $38.5 million and a staff count of about 330. Offenders housed in this facility can participate in the Maryland Correctional Enterprise program.

The facility was built to cater to those who are deaf. Vocational courses for various skills and subjects as well as abuse treatment programs are available at this facility.

Jessup Maryland Correctional Institution

Jessup Maryland Correctional Institution History and Mission

The correctional facility was opened in 1981. It was first opened as an annex to the state House of Correction and then as a separate facility. The institution aims to instill responsibility and discipline in the inmates and help them become productive citizens after they re-enter society. The mission of the state prison is to help the offenders leave the institution in better shape than when they arrived.

Maryland Correctional Institution – Jessup Phone Number

You can easily contact the administration of Maryland Correctional Institute - Jessup by using the following contact details:

Phone numbers-

(410) 799-7610

(877) 313-0632

Maryland Correctional Institution – Jessup Physical Address

Planning to visit Maryland Correctional Institution – Jessup? You can do so by visiting the below address:

Maryland Correctional Institution Jessup

7930 Brock Bridge Road

Jessup, MD 20794

You can also mail an inmate housed here.

Inmate mailing address:

Inmate Name, ID Number

Maryland Correctional Institution Jessup

Post Office Box 549

Jessup, Maryland 20794

Maryland Correctional Institution Jessup Inmate Programs

The correctional facility offers inmates a variety of programs keeping their best interests in mind. Inmates also offered incentive programs as well.

  • Vocational skills

o Custodial skills

o Cosmetology

o Electrical

o Greenhouse and gardening management

  • Educational courses

o GED classes

o Basic Adult education

o College Courses by Howard County Community College

  • Substance abuse treatment programs
  • Anger management courses
  • Parenting classes

Maryland Correctional Institution Jessup Visiting Hours

Visitation hours for Maryland Correctional Institution Jessup include:

  • Monday: 4:30 pm to 9 pm
  • Friday: 4:30 pm to 9 pm
  • Saturday: 12 pm to 3 pm and 4:30 pm to 8 pm
  • Sunday: 12 pm to 3 pm and 4:30 pm to 8 pm

Please note that there no visits on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or the 31st of the month. Visitation registration starts one hour before the visit starts.

Jessup Maryland Correctional Institution history

Maryland Correctional Institution Jessup Visitation and Mail rules

The facility follows odd / even dates of schedule for visits. The last digit of the inmate’s number will decide the days on which he will receive visitors. For instance, if the DOC number is 334421, then visits will be permitted on odd dates. The general population and segregation inmates’ visitations are for one hour. Disciplinary segregation visits are 30 minutes.

All visitors aged 16 or above must carry a valid photo ID. After entering the facility, visitors will be frisked to check and will be a fingerprint scanner. Visitation rules include:

  • Visitors must wear the given badge throughout the visitation
  • Visitors must not pass anything to the inmates
  • Visitors must always be seated on the visitor’s side of the table.

Maryland Correctional Institution Jessup Inmate Locator

Looking up an inmate in Maryland Correctional Institution Jessup? The search process is now made easy. Click here and use the GoLookUp directory to find the inmate. Enter the first and last name of the inmate and perform the search.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!