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Johnson State Prison Information

What is the real medicine for the evil attitude of some people? Experts are still researching to find out an answer to this question because a number of factors seem to be playing in the development of such an attitude in humans. This means even experts are not able to pinpoint the exact reasons behind the evil acts of criminals and therefore, they are not able to come out with the right solutions for solving this mystery.

But this does not mean that they should abandon their efforts and allow things to happen because such criminal acts may rob the very fabric of societies. People may have to live in constant fear. Governments are aware that they should not allow such a situation and that is the reason they are taking various measures for preventing crimes from happening and for educating the criminals suitably so that they shed their attitude and become normal citizens. One of the measures governments adopt is to put in place an efficient prison and jail system. The USA has also designed such a system and the law enforcing authorities are trying to implement the system meticulously.

Not only the Federal government but the governments of the states of the USA are also participating in this process. Let us now look at some of the important points about the Johnson State Prison.

Contact Information of Johnson State Prison

As far as the information as to how to contact the Johnson State Prison is concerned, people can use the phone number +1 478-864-4100 for this.

The number of inmates in Johnson State Prison.

The capacity of the Johnson State Prison is 1,600, which means there can be 1,600 inmates in it.

Johnson State Prison

Johnson State Prison Address

The address of Johnson State Prison is as follows:

290 Donovan Rd.
Wrightsville, GA 31096, USA.

Mailing information of the Johnson State Prison.

Those who want to send a mail to an inmate can use the following address.

Inmate Name, ID Number

Johnson State Prison

P.O. Box 344

Wrightsville, GA 31096.

Visitation hours of Johnson State Prison.

The visitation hours of the prison are between 9 AM and 3 PM on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays recognized by the state. Those who want to visit inmates in Segregation can do so only on Wednesdays. Visitors should schedule their visits by calling 478-864-4100 in advance.

Fax and Phone Number of Johnson State Prison

The phone number of the prison is 478-864-4100 and the fax number is (478) 289 - 2755.

Warden Information

Antoine Caldwell is the warden of Johnson state prison at present. It was on 1st July 2017 he was reassigned to this position by Gregory C. Dozier, the commissioner of the Department of Corrections of Georgia state. As the warden of the prison, Caldwell will be overseeing the staff members as well as the medium-security male offenders. At present, there are over 250 staff members and more than 1,600 inmates in the prison.

Johnson State Prison

Management Information of Johnson State Prison

The management of the Johnson State Prison is done by the Department of Corrections of Georgia state. The warden is responsible for overseeing the staff members of the prison and the offenders in the prison. According to experts who have studied the working environment of the prison, all the tasks related to the management of the prison are happening with clockwork precision. Even the staff members who are working there aver that the environment in the prison has taught them as to how to deal with various types of people.

Institutional Programs, Academic Programs, and Other Programs

Some of the institutional programs that have been put in place in the Johnson state prison are educational programs, behavior stabilization classes, classes related to re-entry, dispensing with attitudes that lead to family violence, transitional programs, relapse prevention, motivational programs, and moral recognition therapy programs.

Academic programs offered in the prison are literacy remedial classes, general education that includes diploma courses, and adult basic education classes.

Other programs that have been put in place in the prison are related to residential substance abuse treatment, counseling programs that include faith and character-based sessions, sex offender psycho-mental health programs including therapeutic classes, psycho-educational, and mental health classes and activities such as greenhouse, and maintenance related activities, gym, and board games, etc.

In addition to the above, recreation programs and those related to religious activities are also available in the prison. The vocational programs that are offered help in learning tasks including barbering, general office clerk, laundry, cook, food service baker, food preparation, career clerk, groundskeeper, horticulture, kitchen helper, custodial maintenance, customer service, and computer technology.

How to Find an Inmate in Johnson State Prison?

There are a few websites that help in finding an inmate in the Johnson state prison. Those who look for an inmate should register on any of these websites. After they log in, they should enter the ID of the inmate they are looking for. The sites will provide the details in a jiffy.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!