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Joseph Harp Correctional Center Profile and Valuable Information

Joseph Harp Correctional Center is in Lexington and is a medium-security prison. It can house over 1,300 male inmates. The center serves as the home base for the Mental Health Unit of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. It provides services to both male inmates and participants of its Youthful Offender Program for men.

Joseph Harp Correctional Center History

Joseph Harp Correctional Center used to be the site of a U.S. Navy firing range from the World War II era. Oklahoma Department of Corrections converted the site to prison and opened it in 1978. They decided to name the prison after Joseph Harp. From 1949 to 1969 he was the Oklahoma State Reformatory warden. Under his tenure, the concept of providing high school education in prison was finally accepted.

Joseph Harp Correctional Center Phone Number

The phone number through which you can contact the Joseph Harp Correctional Center is (405) 527-5593.

Joseph Harp Correctional Center Address

Joseph Harp Correctional Center is on

16161 Moffat Rd.

Lexington, OK, 73051-0548

Joseph Harp Correctional Center

Joseph Harp Correctional Center Inmate Programs

Joseph Harp Correctional Center does allow inmates who have not finished the school education to get their diplomas in Pre-High School an/or High School levels. The state provides funding for these diplomas.

Inmates in this center can also pursue a college degree, but they will not receive any funding from the state. These inmates must pay for this education through

l Their own money

l Funding from alternative sources

l Scholarships

The center provides help to inmates who wish to leave their criminal lives behind and start afresh. Programs are designed to help these inmates deal with criminal thinking and avoid forming relationships with criminal behavior/thinking. These programs will help criminals avoid the pitfall of judgmental errors. Moral reconation Therapy, Thinking for a change, and Associates 4 success, are the programs provided by this center.

Many of the inmates are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs. Programs here not only help them overcome addiction but also provides them with the skills needed to prevent relapse. These skills include but are not limited to social skills, coping skills, and emotional skills.

Joseph Harp Correctional Center Visiting Hours

Joseph Harp Correctional Center has four levels of security, and each of these levels has different visiting hours. Level one inmates are allowed one hour visitation per week on Fridays from 9 a.m. Inmates on Level two get two hours of visitation per week on weekends. The check-in for these visitors starts at 12:30 p.m., and the maximum two-hour visits the inmate can have is four.

Inmates on level three get four hours per week on weekends. The check-in time for these visitors is 11 a.m. Finally, the level four inmates get six hours per week on weekends and the check-in time for these visitors is 9 a.m.

The visiting hours are between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on holidays recognized by the state.

Visitors must understand irrespective of the inmate’s security level visitation has to be approved by the prison. They would have to fill a visitor request form and submit to the prison. The inmate will let the visitor know if the visit has been sanctioned. This is because prisons do background checks on all visitors who are 18 years and above.

Joseph Harp Correctional Center Mail and Visitation Rules

Joseph Harp Correctional Center has a different mailing address. Be sure to include the following in the mailing address

  • Joseph Harp Correctional Center
  • Name of the Inmate
  • Inmate’s number
  • Housing assignment

Housing assignment is not necessary. Providing this detail will help ensure that the inmate gets mail on time.

Joseph Harp Correctional Center has rules about visitation. Normally, weekends and state-recognized holidays are visiting days. Inmates’ level of security determines the number of visitation hours the inmate get. In case, the holidays fall on the weekdays. It is not deducted from the inmate’s allotted time. But if it falls on a weekend then it is deducted.

In case the inmate is a protective measures inmate or administrative segregation inmates, then only the following people can visit the inmate

  • Inmate’s father
  • Inmate’s Mother
  • Inmate’s Spouse
  • Inmate’s legal representative/ clergy

The visitation will be limited to one hour per week and it will be a non-contact visit.

Joseph Harp Correctional Center Oklahoma

Disciplinary Segregation inmates can get visitations from only their attorney and/or the clergy.

The center has rules concerning visitation that can be found at The rules concerning the attire approved by the center can be found at

Joseph Harp Correctional Center Inmate Locator

Joseph Harp Correctional Center is a state prison, and it is going to be difficult to contact one loved one. Getting details like the inmate number and housing assignment can be difficult. However, the GoLookUp inmate search directory can help you get these details. The address of their site is

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!