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Lea County Correctional Center Profile and Valuable Information

The Lea County Correctional Facility sits on 60 acres of land leased from Lea County. The correctional facility alone spans to around 350,000 square feet of area. This is a medium-security facility that meant exclusivity for male offenders. The facility opened doors in November 1997 and started receiving its first inmates in 1998.

Lea Country Correctional Facility believes in maintaining humane methods of incarceration. The facility additionally provides opportunities for inmates to self improve and transform lives into better people in the future.

Lea County Correctional Center

Lea County Correctional Center Inmate Programs:

Behavioral Health Service: Behavioral Health Services has a big role to play in the Lea County Correctional Facility. Assessment of an inmate is done along the lines of a bio-psycho-social model. This model carefully analyzes the physical, psychological and social factors that govern the mental health of an individual before a specific type of treatment is decided on. Thus ultimately, after careful consideration of numerous variables, the service strives to maintain the cognitive and emotional well being of all inmates in its treatment program.

The Behavioral Health Services also has a robust addictions program which has helped scores of inmates live responsible lives. After treatment, a good majority of inmates come clean for the rest of their lives. Thus recidivism is reduced drastically.

The Behavioral Health Services has also tied up with agencies like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to provide effective de-addiction counseling to addicted inmates.

Community Corrections: Community Corrections program focuses on inmates that need close supervision and lots of supportive treatment. They are chronic in their illnesses. Most of them have mental problems and are sometimes victims of repeated but unsuccessful substance abuse treatment elsewhere. Therefore the Community Corrections, play a very important and sensitive role in caring for inmates in this category of illness. They are deemed as people with a high set of needs which if not met, will almost certainly end up in re-offending.

Community Corrections residential program (Men and Women Recovery Academy): This particular program is focused on a substance abuse treatment program for parolees. These parolees are on the threshold of transition from prison life to community life. The Men’s recovery wing has a program in place with up to eighty-four people on its rolls at any given time.

The women’s recovery wing offers treatment for substance abuse and mental health to forty-eight female offenders. This program is further divided into two divisions, namely the substance-abuse division and the moms and kids seeking on-campus reunification division. Additionally, residential programs help offenders stay for a period of 4 months if such treatment is required.

Constituent Service: This program which is officially called the Family Constituent Services & Correspondence Offices caters to the burgeoning number of households affected by a drug offender in the family. The Constituent Services serves as the ‘go-to person’ that liaises with the New Mexico Corrections Department on the family’s behalf to help them establish contact with their loved ones in prison

Correction Industries: The Correction Industries helps inmates pick up a vocation skill that will help them live productive, self-sustaining lives when released from prison. Various products are made in prison. These products like furniture, janitorial supplies, shirts, and uniforms are sold both online and offline and a profit is generated for the sustenance of the correctional facility. In fact, Corrections Industries generates close to $3 million a year through purchases of its product by local suppliers and end-users.

Lea County Correctional Center New Mexico

Lea County Correctional Center Contact details:

Lea County Correctional Center Inmate Phone: 575.392.4055

Lea County Correctional Center Inmate Address:

The GEO Groups, Inc

6900 West Millen

Hobbs, New Mexico 8824

All mails intended for inmates must be sent to the above-mentioned address.

Lea County Correctional Center Inmate Inmate Search

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
Sensitive Information!