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Lieber Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

The Department of Corrections (DOC) in South Carolina managed the facility, Lieber Correctional Institutions. The maximum capacity for housing the offenders of this facility is 1488. It follows the maximum standard of prison security or level 3 standard security and it holds the male offenders. The offenders are accused of committing serious criminal activities, possessing serious behavioral issues during imprisonment, showing violence frequently, and needing a high level of security.

Considering the  Lieber Correctional Institution history, Lieber Correctional Institution was started in 1986. From 12th April 1997, Lieber Correctional Institution started housing for all of the male inmates who have been convicted for the execution or death row inmates according to the state laws of South Carolina.

The reason is that the Broad River Correctional Institution had replaced them to the Lieber Correctional Institution. The death row offenders were transferred to the Kirkland Correctional Institution in September 2017. Lieber Correctional Institution address is Lieber Correctional Institution, 36 Wilborn Avenue, Town – Ridgeville, State – South Carolina 29472. Lieber Correctional Institution phone number is (843)-875-3332 or (803)-896-3700.

Lieber Correctional Institution

Lieber Correctional Institution inmate programs

Lieber Correctional Institution provides services to take care of mental health, basic medical, and dental to the offenders. They conduct different types of programs and these are as follows.

  • They provide a vocational training course to learn wood-working of carpentry.

  • They also choose some offenders to offer community services and conducts a program of “Operation Behind Bars”. It allows them to talk to youths and adults sharing their experiences within the prison. They can explain their knowledge which led them to do criminal activities.

  • The facility also conducts several programs on different areas such as volunteer services, recovery groups, religious services, recreational services, education programs for drugs and alcohol, and so on.

Lieber Correctional Institution mail and visitation rules

  • Mailing address: The mailing address for Lieber Correctional Institution is Inmate Name, Inmate ID number, Lieber Correctional Institution, Post Box No. 205, Town – Ridgeville, South Carolina 29472.

  • Visitation rules: You will have to follow the specific visitation rules if you are interested to visit an inmate in the Lieber correctional institution. You will be able to visit an offender when the facility will approve your visitation. The facility checks several factors to approve any visitation. After approval of your visitation, you will have to check the specific visiting date allowed by the facility. They will check the offender before and after visiting his or her family members or friends for security reasons. You will have to follow the dress code when you will visit an offender within the facility. You will have to follow the general list of some items that are prohibited when you will visit an inmate. These items are mobile phones, weapons, cameras, alcohol and many more. You will have to show your valid photo ID issued by the South Carolina government. The visitors must be aged 18. In the case of minor visitors, they will have to be accompanied by their parents or legal guardian.

    Lieber Correctional Institution South Carolina

Lieber Correctional Institution Visiting hours

Lieber Correctional Institution follows a schedule of rotating visitation according to the first letter of the offender’s last name. It is important to collect information about the current rotation of the facility for calling the visitors if you want to visit an inmate at Lieber Correctional Institution. The Lieber Correctional Institution visiting hours are as follows.

  • Friday – 5 to 8 in the evening
  • Saturday – 9 to 12 in the morning and 1 to 5 in the evening
  • Sunday – 9 to 12 in the morning and 1 to 5 in the evening

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!