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MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

What is the purpose of putting in place laws and implementing them? The purpose is to have a progressive society in which people can lead a secure life. Of course, every individual should remain motivated and make the best possible efforts for staying away from habits and practices that provide scope for crimes. But whether this will provide optimal results is a big question. Nonetheless, lawmakers cannot afford to remain quiet and allow things to drift away. That is the reason they are often tweaking laws and bringing about new ones for making them contemporary and workable.

Another major step lawmakers and the enforcement authorities are taking is to set up correctional facilities wherever needed. These correctional facilities train the convicts who are housed in them so that they can be exposed to such an environment that can bring about a metamorphosis in their thinking and behavioral patterns. The aim is to help these convicts become normal citizens so that they can also lead a smooth life once they get out of the prisons. Let us now try to know more about the MacDougall-Walker Correctional facility.

More about MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution Connecticut.

This facility is the largest among those in New England, USA. The security levels of this facility are 4 and 5. Further, this is a multi-mission facility, specifically for male adults. It was set up on 15th May 2001. It is situated in a sprawling area of 140 acres.

MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution
MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution History

If you want to know MacDougall-Walker Correctional facility history, you should go back to 2001 when the authorities decided to merge the Walker Special Management and Reception Unit and the correctional institution that existed then. This merger resulted in the formation of the current facility.

How to contact the facility?

Those who may want to contact the facility may need the MacDougall-Walker Correctional facility phone number. The phone number is +1 860-627-2100.

MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution Address

There may be folks who may want to visit the facility. For them, the MacDougall-Walker Correctional facility address that is given below may be useful:

1153 East Street S, Suffield, CT 06078, United States.

Inmate programs put in place in the MacDougall-Walker Correctional facility

Law enforcement authorities of the USA always remain geared up to reduce the crime rate in the country. As a part of this aim, they always look to put in place programs so that the convicts who are housed in correctional facilities are transformed. This will help these convicts lead normal lives as other people once they are released from their prisons. The MacDougall-Walker Correctional facility inmate programs consist of specific ones that will address the unique needs of every type of criminal.

As far as academic programs are concerned, ABE, Pre-GED, Special Education, GED, and TSOL are offered. In the professional courses category, those courses related to maintenance, Micro Computers, Electro-Mechanical, Commercial Cleaning, and Electronic Repairs are offered. Even classes that are related to the dental field are offered as well.

Authorities are aware that some of the inmates need parenting skills, those related to the resolution of family issues, and treatments for curing addictions and their urge for sexually abusing and hence, they have put in place specific programs for them. Further, courses such as Beyond Fear and Aftercare are provided also.

Thanks to such programs, some of the inmates have graduated in Vocational Education. There are inmates who have landed jobs in entities that are into commercial cleaning, food servicing, and janitorial functions. The fact that the commissary-processing center of the facility is now functioning as a hub for Connecticut state's northern district and that it handles over 24,000 orders a month is amazing.

MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution Connecticut

Visiting hours to MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution

MacDougall-Walker Correctional facility visiting hours can be known by visiting its website because the authorities of the facility put up visiting schedules on their site.

Mail rules and visitation rules of the facility

Those who want to send letters to the facility can use the address given on its website. MacDougall-Walker Correctional facility mail and visitation rules can also be known from the site. In fact, the authorities of the facility release visitation schedules from time to time and on a regular basis.

MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution Inmate

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!