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Marshall County Correctional Facility Profile and Valuable Information

The Marshall County Correctional Facility is a mixed minimum and medium-security prison for males that operate on a for-profit model in Holly Springs, Mississippi. It is operated on behalf of the Mississippi Department of Corrections by the Management and Training Corporation and is one of three privately operated prisons in the state. The facility is authorized to hold up to 1,076 inmates and is spread across 17 acres. It is administered by Warden Jesse Williams and Director Tim Outlaw.

Marshall County Correctional Facility
Marshall County Correctional Facility history

The Marshall County Correctional Facility opened up in June 1996 and was operated Cornell Companies till 2010 when it was acquired by the GEO Group. After a series of lawsuits over the mistreatment of inmates, the prison's management was awarded to the Management and Training Corporation in August 2012.

The prison has seen a number of inmate deaths in what has been termed by human rights organizations as preventable incidents. In 2016, the agreement with Management and Training Corporation was extended by another ten years. The company also operates the East Mississippi Correctional Facility and the Wilkinson County Correctional Facility, both of which are minimum to medium-security prisons for male inmates.

Marshall County Correctional Facility phone number

The Marshall County Correctional Facility can be contacted by phone on 662-252-7111 at all times.

Marshall County Correctional Facility, Mississippi address

The Marshall County Correctional Facility is located at 883 West Street, Holly Springs, Mississippi 38635. It is located roughly 190 miles away from Jackson, the state capital and can be reached in three hours from there.

Marshal County Correctional Facility inmate programs

The Management and Training Corporation operates several programs for inmates that include vocational training. Courses include culinary arts, horticulture, painting, and computers. For offenders who are serving a sentence that is longer than six months, long term de-addiction programs over a six month period and short term substance abuse programs over a nine-week period are also available. Inmates can also avail of academic education through the General Education Development or GED program. Faith-based Bible studies are also offered.

Marshal County Correctional Facility visiting hours

For medium and minimum security offenders, such as those at the Marshal County Correctional Facility, visits can be made on Saturday or Sunday between 9 am and 2 pm. For those in protective custody, minimum-security inmates can be visited every Monday except the fifth Monday of the month while for medium-security inmates, visits are restricted to the second and fourth Monday of the month.

Marshall County Correctional Facility mail and visitation rules

Mail to inmates housed at the Marshall County Correctional Facility can be sent to Marshall County Correctional Facility, P. O. Box 5188, Holly Springs, MS 38634-5188. The inmate's name their inmate number must be mentioned just before the address starts.

For visits, each offender is allowed to add up to ten visitors on a visitation list. This list is created when the inmate is received and classified into the prison. Unless they are immediate family and can produce documentary proof, no visitor can be on two inmates' visitation list. All visitors must possess a valid pictorial identification document issued by either a state or federal government. All visitors will be scanned and searched at entry and then board a bus to the visitation area. There is a dress code for both men and women that bans revealing outfits, headgear, open footwear and jewelry.

Marshall County Correctional Facility Mississippi
Marshall County Correctional Facility inmate locator

To locate an inmate housed at the Marshall County Correctional Facility, one can visit On this page, they need to first enter the name of the inmate as per their booking and select the state that they have been incarcerated in. Then, on reviewing and accepting the terms and conditions of the page and declaring themselves to be lawful residents of the United States, data on the inmate is displayed.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!