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McPherson Unit Profile and Valuable Information

Located in Newport is Arkansas Department of Correction’s prison for women, McPherson Unit. This women’s prison was established in July 1997 and has a capacity of holding 971 inmates at a time. This prison-house also serves as the state’s death row for women.

Currently, over 800 female inmates belonging to various stages of incarceration from medium to maximum custody occupy this facility. This facility is also the sole prison house for the intake and classification of female offenders in Arkansas.

McPherson Unit Visiting Hours and McPherson Unit Inmate Locator

The general visiting hours at McPherson Unit for women is on weekends from twelve to four in the afternoon. Visits are scheduled on a rotational basis, depending on the custody level of the inmate. Therefore, it is important to contact an inmate to understand the right weekend, day and hour for visiting them.

Inmates in the prison are divided into classes according to what they are convicted of.

McPherson Unit
Different class inmates have different visiting rates per month. Class I inmates are allowed weekly visits every Sunday. Class II, III, and Class IV inmates are permitted two visits per month on either the first and third Saturday or the second and fourth Saturday of the month depending on the Unit’s schedule.

The number of visitors permitted at a time per inmate is four, however, there is no limit of visitors when it comes to the visitor’s spouse and their children.

To locate where an inmate is hosted in, log onto and find out their details.

McPherson Unit Inmates Programs

McPherson Unit offers its women inmates with several programs that will help them to develop as individuals and which will also help them to re-establish themselves in society once they are released. The programs that are offered are of different varieties like academic, vocational skills, self-help, etc. A list of programs that are offered at the institution include:

  • GED Program: All inmates belong to the McPherson Unit are to take GED classes as the Board of Corrections mandates it for everyone. Only those inmates who already have a GED or a high school diploma or those who cannot attend the program due to health reasons are exempted from this rule.

  • Agriculture: Inmates are taught to develop skills in the area of vegetable processing, marketing, and gardening in this program.

  • Vo-Tech: The department of Workforce Education has funded job skills training programs to develop and manage Riverside Vo-Tech. Some of the courses that are included in this particular program include Horticulture, Computerized Accounting, Cosmetology, and Business Technology.

    McPherson Unit Arkansas
    Think Legacy Program: This is a program that inmates can sign up for with the condition that they are 6 to 18 months away from their release date. In this program, individuals are trained to focus on Employment Readiness, Social Skill Readiness, Monitoring, Community Resources, Cognitive Behavior Awareness through “Thinking for a change”. Budgeting, Healthy Relationships, Family Reunification, Victim Impact, and Life Skills are also some of the other features of this program.

  • Substance Abuse Therapeutic Community Program (TC): This program is for those inmates who substance abuse and have different levels of addiction. The program in itself is 9 to 12 months long where modified therapeutic community models are chosen for the treatment of residential substance abuse.

  • Substance Abuse Treatment Program (SATP): This is a 4 to 6-month residential substance abuse treatment program. The program is based on cognitive/reality therapy for the treatment of chemical dependency using a modified therapeutic community.

There are several other programs like Parenting, Alcoholics Anonymous, Life Skills Programs, Female Intake Services, Recreational Programming, etc that are also present in the McPherson Unit of Arkansas.

McPherson Unit Contact Details

Address: McPherson Unit, 302 Corrections Dr. Newport, AR 72112

Phone Number: 870-523-2639

Mailing Address: Inmate’s name and ADC Number, McPherson Unit, 302 Corrections Dr. Newport, AR 72112

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!