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Northern State Prison Information

Newark is considered to be the most densely populated city of New Jersey, USA. The Northern State Prison provides durance to the criminals. The offenders at the prison allotted different cells depending upon the criminal offense committed. Northern State Prison has been divided into various cells like the general population, administrative close supervision, therapeutic community, and special needs units. Below discussed are the basic information details relating to Northern State Prison:

Total number of Inmates present in the prison - 2,615 inmates

Address - Northern State Prison,168 Frontage Road Newark, New Jersey 07114

Mailing Information - Inmate Name, ID Number, Northern State Prison: P.O. Box 2300, Newark, New Jersey 07114

Fax, Phone - (973)-465-0068

Warden Information - NA

Management Information - New Jersey Department of Corrections

Visitation hours: The details of visitation hours are explained below:

Visiting days and timings vary from one inmate to another. At Northern State Prison, the number of visitors allowed meeting the offender are three or four. Also, the number of visitors can include kids. The visiting hours are categorized based on the following aspects:

  1. Main Compound inmates: The inmates coming under this category are allowed to meet the visitors on weekends between 8.45am-10.45am and 12:45pm-2: 45 pm. However, the registration has to be done prior to one hour of visit
  2. Infirmary inmates: Infirmary visits usually take place on Sundays. Visits are possible by prior appointment only and the timings will be between 8:30am-9:30am.
  3. Non-contact visitation: Non-contact visitation is possible by appointment only. You need to give on the following contact number 973-465-0068 ext. 4204. The appointments can be booked on Fridays from 9:30am-3:30pm. Usually, visiting takes place on three days of the week i.e, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 5:30pm-7:30pm.
Northern State Prison Inmate Search
  • Minimum Unit inmates: The inmates under this category are allowed to visit on weekends between 8am-10:30am and from 12:30pm-3pm. Advance registration is required for these kinds of visits. The timings for registration are between 8am-9:45am and from12:30pm-2:15pm.
  • Administrative Close Supervision or Delta Unit: Thee kind of visits are carried out exclusively through advance appointment only. You need to give a call Call 973-465-0068 ext. 4150 on Mondays or Fridays between 8am-2:15pm. The Delta unit visits take place on three days of the week i.e, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 5pm-6pm and 6:30pm-7:30pm.

The rules and regulations pertaining to Northern State Prison are very strict. In order to meet an inmate, you need to follow a certain set of procedures. Therefore, fill out the details correctly or else your request for the visit can be canceled. However, this prison also allows the inmates under the category of minimum security to participate in serving the community.

Institutional Programs, Academic Programs, Other Programs.

Under, the supervision of the Bureau of State Industries other convicts can help in activities like making of bed and clothing shop located in the vicinity of the prison. Usually, various institutional programs relating to literacy, parenting, wellness, etc. Additionally, academic programs are also conducted throughout the year in the prison premises. Other Programs include activities relating to drug abuse, rehabilitation, counseling, and behavioral management are conducted on a regular basis.

Northern State Prison

In addition to this, the prison has exclusively designed a program called 'Security Threat Group Management Unit.' Inmates who have been associated with rebel gangs are treated under this program. Also, this prison conducts various programs for the betterment of the inmates. Such rehabilitation programs enable to improve the inmates' health physically and mentally.

How to find an inmate in Florida State Prison.

 You can search for an inmate in Florida State Prison with the help of online facility. Yes, there is a website called, which is specially designed to find an inmate in Florida State Prison. This website enables us to access the details of the offenders and their criminal history. You will be required to search regarding the inmate under the Florida Department of Corrections section. In case you face any problem contact the respective authorities.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 19, 2021
Sensitive Information!