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Ohio Reformatory for Women Profile and Valuable Information

Ohio Reformatory for Women History

ORW or Ohio Reformatory for Women is a prison for only women and is located in Marysville in the state of Ohio. The correctional facility houses several of those convicted women offenders who have committed some of the most notorious crimes. ORW acts as the main prison for women offenders in Ohio and serves as the center for the reception for women who enter the correctional system.

At present, the correctional facility has a capacity of 2,956 prisoners. It mainly confines medium- and minimum-security women prisoners but also has offenders who are in close custody and 1 inmate who has been sentenced to death.

Ohio Reformatory for Women was set up in the month of September 1916. The Ohio Penitentiary in Columbus transferred 34 women inmates to this correctional facility back then. As is obvious, it is a multi-security correctional facility in the state. ORW also happens to be the 5th correctional facility in America in recent times that setting up a nursery to assist the imprisoned mom and their little ones within the institution. Its ABC or “Achieving Baby Care Success” program was the maiden such program in the state that made sure that the infants could stay with their incarcerated mothers.

Ohio Reformatory for Women

Ohio Reformatory for Women phone number


Ohio Reformatory for Women address

Physical Address:

Ohio Reformatory for Women,

1479 Collins Avenue,

Marysville, Ohio 43040.

Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name and ID Number,

​Ohio Reformatory for Women,

1479 Collins Avenue,

Marysville, Ohio 43040

Ohio Reformatory for Women inmate programs

The correctional facility can take part in the correctional industries program running an optical shop, a sewing shop, a manufacturing shop for mop head, and an embroidery shop. Also, the prison provides various vocational programs in different building trades, boiler operator, steam engineer, general office systems, landscaping, and cosmetology.

Prisoners may also attend several community service programs, which permit them to work closely with wildlife and dogs. Inmates at Ohio Reformatory for Women can also participate in academic studies to get adult basic education, as well as, the opportunity to receive a GED during their sentence.

Ohio Reformatory for Women visiting hours

Approved visitors can visit their inmates between Wednesdays to Sundays in 2 different sessions. There is a morning session that lasts from 7 am to 10.45 am. However, processing for the same stops at 9.30 am. The afternoon session for visitation starts at 12 pm and ends at 3.45 pm. The processing time ends at 2.30 pm for the afternoon session.

Ohio Reformatory for Women history

Ohio Reformatory for Women mail and visitation rules

Any person who wants to visit ORW can do so only by appointment. They can schedule their appointment up to sixty days in advance by sending an email to or by dialing 866-286-0033. Details while scheduling the appointment should be the name of the visitor (s), the time and date when they wish to visit their inmate along with the ID number of that inmate.

Prior to visiting their loved one at this correctional facility, it is always recommended to confirm whether the visitor’s name is on the approved visitation list or not. A prospective visitor simply has to contact the facility to know whether their visitation has been approved or not. A person who wishes to visit an inmate in this facility cannot be charged with a felony. Also, their government identification proof should be updated. People below 16 years should accompany their legal guardian or parents to visit an inmate at ORW.

Ohio Reformatory for Women inmate locator

If you wish to find out whether any person is confined at Ohio Reformatory for Women or not, simply paste this link on your browser window and key in the search criteria.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!