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Ohio State Penitentiary Profile and Valuable Information

In the year 1998, the Ohio State Penitentiary was opened. This prison, that has mixed levels of security class inmates is managed by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. Currently, a total of 502 inmates can be held in prison at any given time.

The Ohio State Penitentiary prison was originally located in Columbus, Ohio. That prison was demolished in the year that the new prison was built i.e. in 1998. The original prison was home to a great number of famous inmates including the novelist O.Henry. Several incidents took place in the old prison that ultimately led to its demolition.

The current prison holds Level 1, 3, 4 & 5 inmates and depending on the level that an inmate is in, they have their freedom and restrictions within the facility. For example, Level 1 inmates have their place of residence outside the institute’s fence.

Ohio State Penitentiary history

Ohio State Penitentiary Visiting Hours

Those visiting the Ohio State Penitentiary are required to have an appointment before visitation. These appointments can either be scheduled via phone call or by mailing the institution. Visitations are from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The facility also allows for video visitations to take place through JPAY. Those who want a visitation in this format must sign in through JPAY and pay a small fee for it. The duration of video visitation is usually 30 minutes.

For those who wish to find out inmate details within this institution, they can go online at and find the necessary information regarding the same.

Ohio State Penitentiary Inmates Programs

Among all the different prisons that exist in the United States of America, the Ohio State Penitentiary is known for its humane treatment towards offenders even when it is one of the highest security prisons. The rehabilitation and other programs that are provided to inmates are the second most famous feature of this institution.

The Ohio State Penitentiary believes that all inmates should take part in a variety of programs and activities that will help them to reform themselves and which will also help them to easily fit into society once they are released. Taking into account this drive, the prison provides its inmates with several programs ranging from education to self-help ones.

Some of the important inmate programs that are provided at the institution include:

  • Adult Education Programs - This program is for those inmates who wish to gain or complete their education during their term at the institution. This program offers inmates the chance to get the most basic of education if they have not received it from the outside world as well as GED programs for others. It is believed by the institution that a basic education of any sort can help to reform an inmate and change the way that they perceive the world as it is. To help inmates in developing their thoughts and helping them to decipher the right from the wrong with the power of education is the ultimate goal of this vast program.
  • Self Development Programs: The prison offers its inmates with a variety of self-help programs that are aimed at making inmates aware of their actions and helping them to accept and change it for a better future. These programs are also to help turn inmates into participating members of society upon their release. Some of the programs include the anger management program that finds out the root of an inmate’s anger and helps to explain the effects of anger both to self and towards others. Another program has been established that helps inmates in understanding their purpose, their different qualities and their role in society.
Ohio State Penitentiary

Ohio State Penitentiary Contact Details

Address: Ohio State Penitentiary, 878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road, Youngstown, Ohio 445050

Phone Number: (330)-743-0700

Mailing Address: Inmate’s Name and ID Number, Ohio State Penitentiary, 878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road, Youngstown, Ohio 445050

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!