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Olympic Corrections Center Profile and Valuable Information

The Olympic Corrections Center (OCC) is a prison institution for male prisoners who are not given the death sentence by the judiciary system. The authority at this institution has equipped the minimum security system and allowed inmates to have independence up to some limit. The OCC can hold a maximum of 381 inmates. There are three units of cell system available in the OCC, and these are HOH, Clearwater, and Ozette.

Olympic Corrections Center history:

The inauguration of the OCC was done in the year 1968. It began its operation with housing a handful of male offenders. With the flow of time, more and more offenders were brought in to the OCC. On 31st October 2011, the OCC made a deal with McDougall and Sons farm in Quincy, Grant County. The condition for McDougall and Sons on the deal was to hire 105 inmates from the OCC and involve them in the job of picking apples. The hourly pay rate was fixed at $22 per inmate.

Olympic Corrections Center

Olympic Corrections Center phone number:

+1 (360)-374-6181

Olympic Corrections Center address:

The OCC falls under the governance of Jefferson County, which is towards the west of Olympic National Park. The town of Forks in Washington covers the OCC as its service area.

The physical address of the OCC – Olympic Corrections Center, 11235 Hoh Mainline,

Forks, WA 98331

Olympic Corrections Center inmate programs:

The OCC facilities professional education to inmates in various fields, including horticulture, carpentry, electrical, water treatment, composting, and fire suppression. Prisoners can get jobs within the institute as cooks and bakers, craft-persons, building, and security mechanics. Further, inmate benefit programs like anger management, mental relaxation, crime reduction message, primary adult education, and GED are offered by the administrator.

Olympic Corrections Center visiting hours:

The visit timing to the OCC is set from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm on weekends and officially declared holidays in the state of Washington.

Olympic Corrections Center mail and visitation rules

The below-mentioned procedures are to be followed to send mail to an inmate of the OCC.

Inmate Name, ID Number

 ​Olympic Corrections Center

 11235 Hoh Mainline

 Forks, WA 98331

The institution’s authority has set some challenging rules to apply visitation. First, the visitor has to fill up an inmate visitor's application form through the web. A visitor under the age of 18 has to be mentioned on the inmate's approved visitors' list and should bring a credible guardian with him/her. It is mandatory for a minor visitor to attach a copy of his birth certificate with the application form.

Olympic Corrections Center Washington

A visitor above the age of 18 has to come up with a legitimate photo ID card. The inmate’s offense and duration of the sentence period are considered as the decider maximum visits and meeting length. Before granting the visitation, the institution’s crew will check the mental stability of the visitor and search his/her pockets for security purposes. The visitor's car may also be searched once it gets into the premises of the OCC. An inmate can be allowed to have a special visit in case he gets sick and hospitalized. Specific provisions are set for visitors who have to travel more than 300 miles to conduct visitation.

Olympic Corrections Center inmate locator:

The entire prisoners' database of the OCC is available on the internet. You can locate your known inmate from After opening the website, you have to write the first and last name of the inmate in the given boxes. Afterward, you have to select his/her respective state and click on the "Search" icon. The website will immediately reveal his/her complete custodial information. You may now know all the information you wanted.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!