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Oshkosh Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information
Located in the county of Winnebago, in Wisconsin, the Oshkosh Correctional Institution (OSCI) is located towards the northern side of the city center. It is a medium-security penitentiary that has been built on a land of 273 acres. Out of this entire area, 96 acres of land is situated within a secure perimeter.

Although the original capacity of the OSCI is much less than what it houses, the present residents have reached well over 2,000. At present, around 2,055 male adult inmates are being housed inside the facility, within their twelve separate housing units. Some of these housing units are open dormitories, while the rest have been created to serve as multi-occupancy cells.

Oshkosh Correctional Institution Wisconsin

Oshkosh Correctional Institution History

Per the Wisconsin Legislature of 1977, it was proposed that a new medium-security prison with a capacity of 300 is built on the site of already existing Winnebago Correctional Farm. The terms of this construction were cited inside what came to be known as the ‘Flad Report’, and the entire project was based on a master plan of six years. Furthermore, the terms of this construction were defined under the Wisconsin Statute 301.16(Im). It was not until the autumn of 1984, that the construction for the newly proposed OSCI was started.

Oshkosh Correctional Institution’s history, however, starts from September 1986, when the facility opened its gates to admit inmates. Winnebago Correctional Farm was relocated to Waupun and the existing facility that already stood there was decided to be dismantled to allow the OSCI to expand. The population of this prison soared over the 1,800 mark as of 1996.

Oshkosh Correctional Institution Location and Contact Details

Oshkosh Correctional Institution’s address is listed as 1730 W. Snell Road, WI 54903, Oshkosh. The mailing ID for sending things to inmates has been listed as Oshkosh Correctional Institution, WI 54903-3310, Oshkosh, P.O. Box 3310. However, if you plan to send anything to an inmate inside the facility, you need to make sure that the inmate’s ID and the name are mentioned in the mail to avoid confusion.

You also need to make sure that the contents abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the facility, otherwise, your mail runs the chance of being rejected. You can also contact the facility using their phone number. Oshkosh Correctional Institution’s phone number is 920-231-4010.
Oshkosh Correctional Institution Inmate Programs

Oshkosh Correctional Institution’s inmate programs are dedicated to providing its inmates a humane life and a chance to acquire new skills that they can use to secure employment, once they have been released from prison. There are vocational programs that the inmates can avail, which include courses in data entry, horticulture, culinary services, building maintenance, and custodial services.

Other programs are also available at the facility, which includes a 36-month counseling program for domestic violence and sex offenses, a group for victim impact, a program for cognitive intervention and other groups that provide self-help therapy for ailments like substance abuse and alcoholism.

Oshkosh Correctional Institution Mail/Visitation Rules and Visiting Hours

Oshkosh Correctional Institution’s mail and visitation rules dictate that each inmate is allowed up to three visits on a weekly basis. Out of these three visits, one of the visits is allowed on any of the weekends. On weekdays, the maximum duration of each visit is three hours, while the same for Holidays and weekends are two hours.

There are two types of visitations, one, which is reserved for general offenders, and the other, which is reserved for segregated inmates. Oshkosh Correctional Institution’s visiting hours on weekdays is from 3 p.m. – 9 p.m., while that on Holidays and weekends is from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Segregated inmates have the same visiting hours, however, their visits are tele-visits and have a maximum duration of 1 hour. The time for visitation is the same as the ones mentioned for the general offenders above.

Oshkosh Correctional Institution Wisconsin

Keeping in touch

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
Sensitive Information!