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Otero County Prison Facility Profile and Valuable Information

The Otero County Prison located in Otero County, New Mexico is a prison managed privately by an entity called the Management and Training Corporation. The facility was first opened in 2003 and currently has a capacity of 1420 inmates. The facility is largely devoted to housing federal prisoners of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the United States Marshals Service.

A civil liberties rights group once stated that the quality of care in the Otero County Prison was very poor. On investigation, the controversy blew out of proportion as the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General confirmed that conditions inside prison undermined the rights of detainees.

Otero County Prison Facility

Otero County Prison Facility Inmate Programs:

Community Corrections: The Community Corrections Program functions by providing supportive treatment and close supervision to the offender who runs a risk of re-offending if the required care is not given. These offenders are originally mentally sick and have serious medical conditions as a result of drug abuse continued for many years. The Community Corrections Program also has gender-specific correctional processes that tender to only female inmates.

Education: The education bureau of the New Mexico Corrections Department is committed to transforming offenders into responsible members of the workforce and the community they live in, upon release from detention. The process not only involves a competitive curriculum but is also in partnership with other departments and agencies, which, as a result, gives the course a further competitive edge. With this robust educational system in place, the new Mexico correction department ensures that inmates are recipients of quality education which will, in turn, help them to not resort to a life of violence and crime on their release.

Corrections Industries: The New Mexico Corrections Industries has a very active industry program wherein the production of daily use items such as furniture, printing items, janitorial supplies, shirts, and uniforms is in action. The Corrections Industries contributes to about $3 million to the New Mexico Economy. This very lucrative industry is instrumental in sustaining not just Otero County Prison but all correctional facilities that come under the New Mexico Department of Corrections. Some of the proceeds also go to the Crime Victims Fund, Family and Child support, Legal Financial Obligations and Court Costs. Some money also goes into a Mandatory Savings deposit which can be used by the offender upon release from prison.

Health Services: The Health Service Bureau (HSB) is a service that provides quality healthcare to inmates. The goal of the HSB is not just to cure but to explore ways and means to improve one's health and stay healthy. Therefore educating inmates on maintaining good health is a big part of the Health Service Bureau.

Behavioral Health Services: This service, diagnoses, assesses and treats inmates with mental health problems by utilizing a bio-psycho-social model that approaches every case holistically while keeping in mind physical, psychological and social factors that affect an inmate's behavioral health. Thus, Behavioral Health Services focuses on helping inmates maintain a balanced, cognitive and emotional state of mind even while circumstances around an individual are stressful.

Additionally, the Behavioral Health Services provides substance abuse and addiction program. This program focuses on drastically reducing recidivism by incorporating aggressive methods of treatment of substance abuse It also trains all its energies to help inmates get jobs on release by imparting training in academics as well as other practical subjects that will ultimately keep them in good stead in the outside world.

Drug Court: Drug Courts provide effective supervision and community-based treatment to offenders battling with substance abuse issues. Drug courts do everything in their power to plead on behalf of the inmate with judges, prosecutors, probation and parole authorities and other corrections personnel

Otero County Prison Facility New Mexico

Otero County Prison Facility Address:

10 McGregor Rd,


New Mexico - 88081

Otero County Prison Facility Inmate Search:

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!