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Ouachita River Unit Profile and Valuable Information

What does society consist of? A society is a mix of people from different backgrounds, class, creed, race, and religion. Not only that, there will be people with varying traits in a community. This means that there may be people who commit crimes as well in a community. But it is a fact that not all criminals commit crimes intentionally.

In certain instances, the perpetrators may not have any motive to commit the crimes but they may have committed them due to their uncontrolled emotions. At the same time, the fact that there are people who have a tendency to commit crimes and who have nefarious intentions can not be ignored. Regardless of whether crimes are committed intentionally or otherwise, the net result is they jeopardize the secure feeling people may have.

Governments are aware that governance consists not only of making available all things that are essential for the life of their citizens but ensuring their safety as well. That is precisely for which they enact laws and try implementing them as best as they can. In addition, governments, including that of the USA, set up correctional facilities as well for bringing about positive changes in the mindset of the convicts so that these convicts will get an opportunity to get into the mainstream society and lead a peaceful life. Let us try to find out more details about Arkansas State's Ouachita River Facility.

Ouachita River Unit
History of Ouachita River Unit

You may want to know the Ouachita River Facility history. The history goes like this. The facility, that is run by the Corrections Department of the state of Arkansas, was opened during the year 2003. It is located in Malvern, Arkansas. In 2012, the authorities of the facility felt that there was a necessity to have a separate unit that caters to the special needs of some of the inmates housed there. Therefore, they opened a unit that consisted of a hospital with 72 beds and a services area with 40 beds and a barracks for catering to the special and unique needs of chronically sick people, elders, and those inmates who had been suffering from acute illnesses.

How to contact the Ouachita River Facility?

If you want to contact the facility, you may need its phone number. That is the reason the Ouachita River Facility phone number is provided here. The phone number is +1 501-467-3400.

How to send letters to the facility?

If you wish to send letters to the facility, you should send them to its address that is given below:

The Ouachita River Facility Address is 100 Walco Ln, Malvern, AR 72104, United States.

Does the facility offer programs for its inmates?

The purpose of putting in place correctional facilities is to put the convicts on the right path so that the blemishes that have been sticking to them due to their wrong activities are removed. Only then, the other members of their community will not look down upon them. Some of the Ouachita River Facility Inmate Programs are GED Program, Think Legacy, Prison Paws, programs related to agriculture such as taking care of cows and calves, Forage Production, Garden and Hay Operations, Vo-Tech, those linked to faith-based principles or life applications, programs for deaddiction of alcohol, drugs, and narcotics, and training for being employed in the construction sector or in companies that are into the pet industry and hobby crafts. Further, an inmate council has also been set up in the facility.

A unit for catering to the special needs of the inmates has also been put in place in the facility. The unit consists of beds for providing sheltered living and medical services to the inmates who may need them. A separate program for reducing sexual victimization is offered as well. Other programs offered include those pertaining to regional maintenance, rehabilitation, re-entry, and workforce alliance program for inclusive growth within the economy.

Ouachita River Unit Arkansas
Ouachita River Unit visiting hours

In general, visitors are not allowed in the facility because the specific aim is to have the facility as an intake unit that processes inmates and infuses them into the prison system. This means that those who are taken into the facility will remain there only for a short duration. However, a few inmates remain there for a longer duration. But there are no specific Ouachita River Facility visiting hours for these inmates also. Those who want to visit them have to request over the phone or by sending emails and know the rules for making their visits and also the timings when they can make their visits.

Ouachita River Unit mail and visitation rules

The Ouachita River Facility mail and visitation rules can be known only by sending emails to the unit or by calling the appropriate personnel of the facility. However, letters can be sent to the address of the facility.

Ouachita River Unit inmate locator

If you are on the look-out for an Ouachita River Facility Inmate Locator, you are advised to visit because GoLookUp stands tall among the websites that offer inmate locator services.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!