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Pennsylvania State Prison Information

Pennsylvania State Prisons comprises a group of 24 State Prisons/ Correctional Institutions in the state. However, the list does not include county jails or federal prisons in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Plus, it is also responsible for overseeing fourteen community corrections centers.

For male offenders who fall under the category of young adult and in the age-group of 16-25 years:

  1. State Correctional Institution-Pine Grove Institution, Indiana, PA
  2. State Correctional Institution-Cambridge Springs, PA
  3. State Correctional Institution, Muncy, PA
  4. State Correctional Institute-Laurel Highlands, Somerset, PA

Some other prisons are listed below:

  1. State Correctional Institution, Mercer, PA
  2. State Correctional Institution, Pittsburgh, PA
  3. State Correctional Institution, Albion, PA
  4. State Correctional Institution, Benner Township, Pennsylvania
  5. State Correctional Institution- Coal Township, PA
Pennsylvania State Prison

In this particular article, we will mostly cover the Camp Hill State Correctional Institution. Located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it is primarily a classification and reception center for the state’s male offenders. In other words, this facility in PA has the responsibility for the male inmates’ initial intake in the region. While the initial intake process takes place, fingerprints of the male offenders are taken and evaluated.

Thereafter, a mental and physical health examination is conducted for each male inmate and classified. The process takes place to determine the security level of each inmate, as well as, to ascertain the facility and the programs that will address the rehabilitation needs of the offenders in the best possible manner. Approximately 3,490 inmates are housed in Camp Hill in 19 distinct housing units.

Warden Information of Pennsylvania State Prisons

Pennsylvania State Prisons have formed the Pennsylvania Prison Wardens Association. The goal of this association is to ensure that there is a close personal and official association among the various administration officials in senior positions employed in the area of adult corrections, as well as, relevant disciplines. The association also aims to work for the enhancement of the state’s correctional system, and also improving the same for the local level all through the State of Pennsylvania.

Camp Hill State Correctional Institution-Senior Officials

  1. Laurel Harry-Superintendent
  2. John Horner- Dy. Superintendent for centralized services
  3. Keith Carberry- Dy. Superintendent for facilities management

Visiting Hours of Pennsylvania State Prisons

Check out the visiting schedule for the Camp Hill State Correctional Institution below:

  1. Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays: 8.15am to 3.30pm
  2. Thursdays: 1 pm to 8.15pm

Physical Address of Pennsylvania State Prisons

Camp Hill State Correctional Institution,

2500 Lisburn Road,

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17001.

Inmate Mailing Address of Pennsylvania State Prisons

Inmate Name and ID Number,

Camp Hill State Correctional Institution

P.O. Box 200,

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania17001.

Telephone number of Pennsylvania State Prisons


Inmate Programs of Pennsylvania State Prisons

While it is true that SCI Camp Hill in the State of Pennsylvania is a classification and reception center for the state’s male offenders, the facility also offers long term commitment services. It also provides different kinds of programs to its inmates. Inmates are free to opt for classes such as taking up preparation classes for GED, adult basic education, ESL classes, and special education.

Inmates can also get vocational training in a wide variety of skills including barbering, graphic arts, HVAC or heating ventilation & air conditioning. There are specific programs that aimed at certain kinds of male offenders such as outpatient alcohol and drug abuse programs, treatment programs for sex offenders, parenting, violence prevention, programs for violators of parole, stress reduction, and more.

How to Find an Inmate in Pennsylvania State Prisons?

There could be various reasons to try and track a person and find out whether they are serving a sentence in any of the Pennsylvania state prisons. You need to first go to the DOC Inmate Locator Page for that. The next step would be to click on inmate locator to go to the query page. You need to input your search criteria on this page and then click on search to find an inmate.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 22, 2021
Sensitive Information!