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Richland Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

Located in Mansfield Ohio, Richland Correctional Institution is a minimum and medium-security institution that can house around 2,924 inmates. The facility’s demographics are split with around half of the inmates being African American and the other half being Caucasian. The facility saw much violence some years ago because of an increment in gang-related action. However, it has been controlled now. As a matter of fact, nowadays, it is considered to be one of the safest prisons in Ohio.

Richland Correctional Institution Texas History

Richland Correctional Institution was opened in the year 1998.

Richland Correctional Institution phone number

You can call Richland Correctional Institution at the following number: (419)-526-2100

For making appointments for visitation at the facility, you can call the following number - 419-526-2199

Richland Correctional Institution

Richland Correctional Institution address

For visiting Richland Correctional Institution, the address of the facility is as follows:

Richland Correctional Institution

1001 Olivesburg Road

Mansfield, Ohio

Zip - 44905

Richland Correctional Institution visiting hours

For visiting an inmate housed in the facility, it is necessary to make a prior appointment and you can do so by calling the institution at 419-526-2199. For visitation, there are two shifts - morning and afternoon shifts.

The morning shift is from 7:45 am to 10:30 am and the afternoon shift is from 12 pm to 2:45 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Richland Correctional Institution mail and visitation rules

You must make an appointment prior to visiting the facility. Please make sure that you are not carrying any prohibited items. You may want to check with the facility for a complete list of items that are not allowed prior to visiting the institution. Some of the items that are prohibited include alcoholic beverages, firearms, drugs, medicines, tobacco, lighters, pagers, cameras, smartwatches and wireless devices and also paper and pens with an intention to deliver them to the inmate.

Besides, you must be appropriately dressed for the visit and please keep in mind that spandex, revealing or transparent clothing is strictly not allowed.

You are also forbidden to engage in the following activities when inside the premises:

  • Loitering around
  • Walking along the perimeter road
  • Photography/Videography
  • Yelling at Inmates
  • Playing loud music

You must not leave your children unattended at any time.

If you are trying to mail an inmate housed in ​​​Richland Correctional Institution, you can do that on the following address. However, you would need to precede the address with the inmate’s name and ID.

Inmate’s Name

ID number

​Richland Correctional Institution

P.O. Box 8107

Mansfield, Ohio

Zip - 44905

Richland Correctional Institution Ohio

Richland Correctional Institution inmate programs

Inmates housed at Richland Correctional Institution have a broad spectrum of educational programs available to them which they can take advantage of while incarcerated. The specific re-entry programs for inmates help them to improve their chances of successful reintegration into society post-release. In addition, those inmates with a GED or diploma can register themselves for college courses. Inmates are also provided with vocational training in woodworking, automotive repair, barbering, HVAC, drywall, graphic design and turf management.

Richland Correctional Institution Texas inmate locator

If you are looking for details of an inmate housed in Richland Correctional Institution, you can do so easily with the help of inmate locator services.

The Ohio Department of Corrections keeps and maintains a database of the offenders imprisoned in the state and Richland Correctional Institution is one of them. You can visit and check the GoLookUp inmate search directory ( to find the details of the inmate. The advanced database helps you access all the details you need like the release date of the inmate, when he was jailed, what his conviction is etc. You will need the Inmate’s name and ID though.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!