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Riverbend Maximum Security Institution Profile and Valuable Information

Life at Riverbend

Situated in the home of country music, in Nashville, in the State of Tennessee, is a maximum-security prison called Riverbend Maximum Security Institution. It is a state prison which is managed and run by the State of Tennessee, Department of Corrections. Under the efficient supervision of Warden Tony Mays and his staff of around 400, this institution opened its doors in 1989, replacing the Tennessee State Penitentiary, its age-old neighbor.

In this day and age, the Riverbend Maximum Security Institution is known for its high-tech effective methods and its adoption of the latest technology in its facility. It is comprised of an area of 320,000 square feet of operations and is poised on 132 acres of prime land, just off Cockrill Bend Boulevard. There are around twenty buildings, serving various functions on the property. It can hold close to 750 inmates, and has just about that many; out of these, 480 are designated the status of "high risk" offenders. This facility is the home to all of the State of Tennessee's death row inmates.

Riverbend Maximum Security Institution
The electric chair and the lethal injection facility are both housed at this prison. The general and unflinching goal of this prison is to hold the most lethal felons, while ensuring safety and security to the public, especially in the surrounding community of Nashville. The aim is to keep inmates occupied in constructive tasks so as to prevent them from harming others or themselves. This prison prides itself on being a rehabilitative facility.

More stories about Riverbend

The Riverbend facility, like a maximum-security prison, has housed some of the deadliest criminals around. Sedley Alley, sentenced to death by lethal injection for rape and murder, was executed in 2006. A violent sex offender and murderer, Billy Irick, was put to death by lethal injection in 2018. In the same year, Edmund Zagorski, convicted of murder, was executed in the electric chair. Emanuel Samson, a Sudanese national, was convicted of first-degree murder; he opened fire in a church in 2017. He is on death row, housed at the Riverbend prison.

Riverbend Maximum Security Institution Inmate Programs

Vocational, educational and rehabilitative treatment programs are offered to inmates at the prison. Vocational courses are undertaken in printing, cleaning of commercial areas, carpentry, and information technology. There are also vocational classes in construction and building. Carpentry classes and millwork courses are offered too. In terms of academics, the GED and basic adult education courses are available to detainees.

Those inmates who are not enrolled in either a vocational course or an academic one, are required to be employed in service roles throughout the facility. In addition to this, there are other rehabilitative services that the facility provides such as periodic behavioral and cognitive testing, medical care, religious services, reintegration services, and a parole violator program.

Riverbend Maximum Security Institution Tennessee

Useful information

The following is useful information one should be aware of:

  • Address: Riverbend Maximum Security Institution, 7475 Cockrill Boulevard, Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0471 (Davidson County), United States of America. For inmate mail, one should use the same address, but change the zip code to 37209-1048).
  • Phone: (615) 350-3100
  • Visitation: Visitation at the Riverbend facility is considered "a privilege"; not a right. Visitation follows strict protocol at this facility. A visitation form has to be fully filled out so that a visitor may be included in an inmate's list of viable visitors. These are regularly processed at the facility, after which visitation may be granted. Visitors vehicles must be securely parked in the parking lot outside the facility; this means, no cracked or broken windows, and no pets or humans are allowed to wait in vehicles outside. Each facility, in the purview of the Tennessee Department of Corrections, has a visitor's handbook and this is available at (in pdf format). One may find days of the week and times that visitation is permitted in this handbook. One can locate inmate information on the same website, or search at

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
Sensitive Information!