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Rogers State Prison Information

The Rogers State Prison is under the jurisdiction of the Georgia Department of Corrections. It is a medium-security correctional facility exclusively for male prisoners. It is situated in the Reidsville, Tattnall County, Georgia. The facility first started functioning from 1989.

Address: 1978 Georgia Highway, 147 Reidville, Georgia 30453

Phone No.: 912-557-7771

Fax: 912-557-7163

Capacity: 1391

Warden: Linton Deloach

Rogers State Prison Visitation Protocol

To visit any inmate of this prison you can go to the Georgia Department of Corrections website and fill out a form giving in all the details of the prisoner that you are searching for, Details like the first name, last name, most recent institution, etc needs to be filled. Once you know the details the visitation timing of the Rogers State Prison are :

General inmate: Saturday, Sunday and all state holidays from 8 to 9 am.

Protective Custody inmates: Saturday, Sunday, and all state holidays from 8 to 9 am.

Rogers State Prison

The Rogers State Prison Mission:

The aim of the management of the Rogers State Prison is to effectively house the inmates while ensuring proper public safety. House the male medium-security offenders and support farming operations. That will help provide food to the population of the Rogers State Prison. To offer educational opportunities and counseling programs to the offenders.

The Work Details

The agricultural and dairy programs contribute significantly to produce food that is consumed by the prisoners. Hence making it sustainable to a certain degree. The farm work includes Canning Plant, Swine Unit, City of Lyons, Beef Cattle Operations, Vehicle Maintenance, General Farm Labor, Georgia State Patrol, University of Georgia, Testing Center, Laundry Warehouse, Grounds and Institutional Maintenance, Recycling, etc.

Programs in the Rogers State Prison

1. Educational: The prison system helps the inmates to get basic education or their High school graduation diploma. Some of the academic programs include Adult Basic Education, Literacy Remedial, General Education Diploma, Basic language courses, etc.

2. Counseling: There are many programs conducted that help with the personal development of the inmates and focuses on the individual issues of each individual. These programs are Anger Management, Family Violence, Domestic Violence, Moral Resonation Therapy, Motivation for Change, Health Education, Confronting Self, Matrix Early Prevention, Re-Entry, Mental and Health Rehabilitation.

3. Recreation Programs: General recreational activities and Body and Mind Healthy activities.

Rogers State Prison Inmates

4. Vocational programs or OJT: Many Vocational classes are offered in the Rogers State Prison. This is to give the prisoners' dome professional skill set that can help them find a job outside of prison when they leave the Rogers State Prison. Some of these vocational training programs offered in Rogers state prison include: Barbering, Farm Operations, Warehousing, Dairy, Sanitation, Wastewater Treatment, Clerical and Auto Repair, Sanitation, Cannery, etc

5. Religious Activities: there are prisoners of various different religious backgrounds in the Rogers state prison. All of the major religions are represented in the premises of the correctional facility. There are separate prayer halls or chapel for each of these religions. Various prayer or worship services are held throughout the year. There are Bible study and KAIROS groups formed among the inmates. Annually the prison management along with the inmates stage a Christmas show and decorate the Rogers State Prison.

Recent Controversies in the Rogers State Prison

In the year 2005, three of the prison security guards were suspended for allegedly using undue force on the inmates. They were reported to be physically torturing the inmates, after cuffing their hands behind their back. In 2012 the Rogers State Prison again got involved in an infamous scandal, when Zahara Green a transgender prisoner filed discriminatory charges against the correctional officers of the prison.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 26, 2022
Sensitive Information!