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Rutledge State Prison

The Rutledge State Prison is a Medium Security Correctional Facility that is located in the town of Columbus in Georgia. The prison can hold around six hundred and forty inmates at a given time. The general inmates stay in double sharing cells. The facility is divided into six individual living units along with a separate mental health unit and a medical health unit. The offenders are free to work both on and off the premises of the jail. The work assigned to the inmates depends on the sentence of the prisoner and the behavior of the inmates. The inmate who has a history of violent behavior and can be a possible threat to the safety and security of the prison or any other individual is generally not trusted to work outside the Rutledge State Prison jurisdiction.

The prison was first opened in the year 1976. Only adult male convicts or felons are housed in the Rutledge State Prison, of the State of Georgia.

Physical Address: Rutledge State Prison, 7175 Manor Road, Columbus, Georgia 31908

Phone No.: 706-568-2340

Inmate Mailing Address: Rutledge State Prison, P.O. Box 8904, Columbus, Georgia, 31908

When you are sending a mail to any of the prison inmates, make sure to add the inmate name along with the convict’s ID number or prison booking number.

Fax: 706-568-2126

Rutledge State Prison

How to Find an Offender in the Rutledge State Prison?

In order to locate an inmate in the Georgia Department of Corrections, you need to visit their website. Once you have opened the website you will find a link to 'Find and Offender,' click on that. Then you will get a disclaimer agreement which you need to agree with. Once you do that a small form will pop up, where you need to fill the details about the full name of the convict, personal details, the most recent institution, age, etc. Then you will be directed to information about the state prison where the victim is located.

How and When to Visit an Inmate in the Rutledge State Prison?

The Rutledge State Prison is a Medium Security Prison. Most of the prisoner housed in this correctional facility have their visitation rights. The visitation rights of prisoners in the Rutledge State Prison is only temporarily suspended when the inmate has broken some disciplinary rule or protocol of the prison. Generally, most of the prisoners stay in a double sharing cell. As punishment for breaking of any disciplinary action, they are sometimes kept in segregation or in single cells. Typically during this time, the visitation rights of the prisoner are suspended.

The Rutledge State Prison is open to visitors on Saturday, Sunday and all the State declared holidays, from 9 am to 3 pm.

Rutledge State Prison

Work in the Rutledge State Prison

The inmates of the Rutledge State Prison can work on the outer grounds maintenance and food service. Or they can take up other orderly jobs under the Columbus Transitional Center. The inmates of the Rutledge State Prison can also work different positions of in-house support details.

Rutledge State Prison Programs

Like most state prisons in Georgia, the Rutledge State Prison also offers a variety of Academic, Counseling, Recreational, Religious and Vocational Programs to its convicts.

Some Instances of These Programs are the Following

Academic: Adult Basic Education, General Education Diploma, Remedial Reading. The aim of prison management is to give at least a Basic Level of Education to their inmates. There are also special language classes for inmates whose native language is not English.

Vocational: These courses provide the inmates of a particular set of skills that can help them outside the prison walls as well. Food Preparation, Barbershop, Laundry Operations, General Office Clerk, Custodial Maintenance, etc.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!